Story: atheist reporter tries to disprove God and fails, and becomes a Christian


And then my wife ends up becoming a Christian—which, the first word that went through my mind was “divorce.” I didn’t want anything to do with a Christian spouse and set out really to investigate Christianity using my investigative background and journalism background for two reasons: One is I did see some positive and winsome changes in her; but at the same time, I wanted to get her out of this cult, because I didn’t want her to change into some holy roller or something I couldn’t relate to.

Strobel’s book is on my bookshelf and it’s a good read. It’s not super-heavy but that makes reading it easier; it’s not like slogging thru Aquinas for example.

It is crystal clear to me that atheism doesn’t make sense logically. It takes away meaning and hope and reduces a person to a mass of matter destined to be cosmic dust only.

My biggest problem with atheism, is that it starts with the premise that God can’t exist, not the premise that God could exist. If it started with the premise that God could exist, then it would be agnosticism.

Well, I don’t think you can prove or disprove God. Science is the clearest way to know something is true in our world and since God is spiritual, there is really no way to prove- you can find rational philosophical arguments to support your views, it’s mainly subjective because philosophy is subjective and varies so much per person.

If a religion is a positive presence in your life that’s great!

Yeah, I think atheism isn’t as rational as agnosticism. You can’t prove whether he exists or doesn’t exist so just leave it.

It would be interesting if Strobel looked into Catholicism…

I don’t think it takes away meaning and hope. Just because maybe this life doesn’t last and there is nothing after this life doesn’t mean one can’t live a life full of purpose and meaning if they choose to. Purpose is something you choose for your life. I don’t need God to decide that I want to help people or be a good citizen, sister, daughter, mother. I don’t need God to decide I want to be a good moral human being. Some people need religion for that, others do not.

Also, a reason religion often gives purpose is because it continually tells you that you are loved, you are special and God has a plan for you, you will live forever- It makes people feel better about themselves and their situation.

Individually you may decide so, but there is no logical atheistic basis to prevent the atheist who decides to follow Nietzsche-style nihilism, who wants to take as much advantage of this life even at the expense of others, because death is so final.

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