Story: Christian leaders react to Joe Biden's support for 8-y-o kids identifying as transgender

A clear objection to God’s objective truth. This is where the church comes out and offers a clear rebuke, speaking for the authority of God for the world. Too bad many won’t.


I posted a comment speaking out about this issue last week before Biden made this statement and the moderators removed it.


It’s fine if you want to post these threads but the reason for the World News and Catholic News section is for those topics to be kept in a separate place from the general forum.

When I saw this clip from the town hall, I was flabbergasted! Setting aside the transgender issue from a Catholic standpoint, I can assure you that medical professionals in transgender medicine do NOT even support any sort of medical or surgical intervention for children. Rather, for children, they focus on creating a safe, supportive environment for children to “grow and explore” with regard to their gender identity. It is not until the onset of puberty (Tanner stages II-III) - when the secondary sex characteristics begin to appear - that physicians in this field may begin to provide medications that suppress the release of sex hormones and therefore delay these secondary sex characteristics.

As such, since the child in question here is only 8 years old and barely reaching the onset of puberty, I think that it is highly irresponsible for the mother to even think to use the term “transgender” to describe her child. It is far too soon to label her child that way, and I think that this is in accordance even with the medical professionals who specialize in this field. People are ruining the innocence of children, and it’s disgusting.

May God have mercy on us all! :slight_smile:


Spot on! :raised_hands:

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