Story-- Evangelizing the Evangelicals

I had a great experience last Friday that I thought you all might like to hear.

I went to the dentist for an appointment with the hygeinist. I took a book to read as is my habit; I use any spare moment I can to stick my nose in a book. The book I picked up was Rainer Albertz’s Israel in Exile and when I was called from the waiting room I was led into the hygeinists room, and she asked if I would put my book on the side. I sat in the chair and the young lady mentioned what an interesting book it was and why was I reading it. I explained I was a Catholic and it interested me and so I had started studying for a degree in Theology. The attractive you hygeinist was very animated and started chatting away about her faith- she attends a congregational church nearby. She’d been in an argument with one of the dentists, an Irish Catholic, at a recent party and had come away bruised from the experience I think. She was feeling really down and that Catholicism was very different from Christianity. We spoke at length, but not in a adverserial way at all, I really felt that The Spirit had sent me there for a reason, and I was able to reassure her and concentrate on the wonderful things we shared in love of God. When I finally left after an extended appointment she said that she too felt that I was there as an answer to her prayers and she felt so much happier having spoken to me. I felt wonderful that I had been part of such a positive sharing of Christian fellowship and Divine love and I gave thanks all the way back to work!!

God works in such COOL ways :thumbsup:

that you were able to speak intelligably at all in the dentist’s chair is a tribute to the action of the Holy Spirit

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