Story: How St. Clare miraculously defeated an entire army with the eucharist

When the pillaging soldiers reached Assisi, their first obstacle was this monastery and so they began to scale its walls and terrorize the innocent religious women…

Saint Clare, a well-known saint, lived in the 1300s, and was one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi, who she knew and followed in poverty.


Saint Clare is awesome!! She is one of my many favorite saints.


Saint Clare please pray for us :pray:t2:

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  • Clare, calmly rising from her sick bed, and taking the ciborium from the little chapel adjoining her cell, proceeded to face the invaders at an open window against which they had already placed a ladder. It is related that, as she raised the Blessed Sacrament on high, the soldiers who were about to enter the monastery fell backward as if dazzled, and the others who were ready to follow them took flight.*

Thank you for the link. Praise God.

Obviously it is critically important that we all pray. However it is not the vocation of most of us to be praying formally much of the day like St. Clare and her sisters.

In that time of crisis St. Clare hastened to the “front lines” of that crisis and did something consistent with her vocation and skillset.

Most of us have a different vocation but we can benefit from St. Clare’s good example. We are expected to bear good fruit according to our vocation and skillset. One is a medical pro, another a first responder, another serves as a political leader, etc.

One of the best Eucharistic miracles. Should be the choice to tell all first communicants. :innocent:

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