Story: In US Capitol Rotunda, ex-LGBTs pray, repent on behalf of nation for sin of homosexuality


“We repent on behalf of our country for the sins of arrogance, for the sins of sexual deviancy, for the sins that have led us to the place where we are today,” one man earnestly prayed as he stood beneath the Capitol dome.

“Push back the darkness,” prayed a woman who once lived as a lesbian.

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God love them.
May they be a shining example for the rest of the country.


The Church does not teach that being homosexual is a sin.


While the attraction is not a sin, acting on it is.
Please try to treat this as the light it is, rather than nitpicking at the details.


How about praying for everyone, regardless of gender identity, preference, or presentation, live for the glory of God?

How about for those hard of heart open themselves up to God’s love and salvation?


What’s the difference between that and anyone who struggled with a particular sin praying for people who suffer the same affliction?


They are praying to end a material difference in people, whether it be gender dysphoria, or homosexuality, rather than the sins itself.

Plus I find it so insulting and close minded that they want to rid the world or society of a minority simply because it doesn’t fit their paradigm


Ridding the world of sexual deviancy is categorically a positive aim.


No, it’s actually a salient distinction. The article calls them “ex-LGBT.” For those first three letters, this is impossible. No one chooses to be gay, so no one can choose to become “ex-gay.” Lifesite is equivocating, deliberately perhaps, between identity and practice.


That’s not true. There is no consensus that homosexuality is or isn’t a choice. Or better put, that it isn’t part of being a product of ones upbringing and environment or other external factors like abuse.


I’ve never met a gay person who said he chose to be gay. Similarly, I didn’t choose to be straight. I didn’t overcome temptation. There was no choice at all.


Neither is it false.

Maybe it’s because I’m an American who exercises the Free Will bestowed on me by God, but I don’t like the idea of others repenting on my behalf. I’m quite capable of handling that myself. I don’t want their help. To do it in the Rotunda is a publicity stunt.

And don’t get technical on it and bring up priests. I’m aware that they do that and I’m ok with priests doing it.

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Well no you wouldn’t have to choose to be straight because that’s the default. But if homosexuality is brought on by environmental factors like abuse or conditioning it still wouldn’t be a “choice” but it wouldn’t be a “born that way” thing either.


Nobody knows what causes same sex attraction.

For some people, it’s a fixed and forever state (which the person may decide to act on or not)

For other people it’s a transient phenomenon.

For still others, they find themselves going back and forth between attractions.


did the OP imply otherwise? It says “sexual deviancy”, which certainly implies sexual acts.

It has been proven that it is not fixed in a forever state, although many “ex-gay” hardly say anything because of fear from the homosexual community. They are living proof that debunks their argument that homosexuality is an “inherit” trait of people. It also casts doubts that it should therefore be used as a ground to protect against discrimination, since unlike gender, it is not something set in stone.

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To partake in homosexuals acts is surely a choice? And only the acts have moral meaning.

We can debate whether anyone chooses to be gay. Good luck with that. I’m not interested in going down that rabbit hole. But there is no debate whether some or many (note I’m not saying all) people choose sexual sin (I say sin along with the thread title and not activity because this is a Catholic website after all). Straight or gay can choose sexual sin. Straight or gay can experiment sexually just like they can experiment with drugs. It’s only positive and from a Catholic perspective completely non-controversial that they or anyone repent of their sins, sins in this case (the activity) that are condemned both in the Bible and by The Church.

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The funny thing is:
we as catholics do know where it comes/stems from, it’s just no one wants to say it in fear of being censored by the PC police.

The repentent people in the Rotunda and countless others know where it comes from. As do the excorcists. I just we as as faith could stop beating around the bush and name the cause already.

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