Story: Jewish woman who was in Auschwitz concentration camp who forgave the Nazis

But Eva Kor made it a point of forgiving Nazi perpetrators, some of whom she even met. "I no longer carry any anger or hatred towards anybody. That is not because they deserve it, but I deserve to live free of it.

Joseph Mengele, known as 'the angel of death" who carried out horrific medical experiments, decided to use her and her sister on experiments on twins. “We were used in experiments six days a week, including three days in observation sitting naked.”


Lord, may we all have the grace of forgiving others, for the glory of your Holy Name.


Forgiving doesn’t mean people shouldn’t face consequences or justice.

If more people understood that, more would forgive.


I had the privilege to meet Eva before she passed, and she certainly was a small (physically) but mighty force for good in the world. Not only did she have a message of forgiveness that radiated everywhere, she was a living example of keeping faith through the most horrific circumstances and encouraged her fellow survivors to rekindle their faith in God. Fortunately, her family and others are keeping her legacy and work alive.


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