Story: Mugged 100 year old widow used dying breath to pray for attacker who broke her neck



A 100-year-old widow who survived Nazi prison camps, prayed for the man who brutally mugged her in a British street as she lay on her hospital death bed.

Zofija Kaczan was left with a broken neck following a brutal street robbery as she walked to church.

Her final act of forgiveness was, say friends and the priest who prayed with her at Royal Derby Hospital, a typical act of kindness from a woman who endured so much suffering in her own life.

“She prayed for forgiveness for her killer”

St Maksymilian Kolbe Church where Zofija Kaczan attended mass every day. She was on her way to church when she was attacked.


Eternal rest grant unto Zofija, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.


What a true Christian, it would take me a very selfless and developed spiritual life to do this.


I’m not quite so developed sadly. I could forgive someone who mugged an elderly parent but I would expect them to earn that forgiveness and demonstrate they meant it. We have a lot of muggings of old people here and my dad had cash whipped out of his hand at the cash machine last year and as he walks with crutches now he of course simply couldn’t give cash. I told him in future use cash back within the store if you want real cash and don’t carry a lot. Also watch around you more as he tends to get more and easily distracted and distant as he ages. Unfortunately that’s a natural consequence of ageing for many but muggers notice it and target people like that. They also snatched money of a lady with young kids at the same time as they know she couldn’t abandon a toddler to give chase. Lovely guys because in both cases that could be all the money those two people had for the week. Many old people don’t have much in the way of savings or are struggling and so are many young mums with kids of course. This is horrible, to survive the Nazis and wind up killed on a street over 70 years later.


She’s a dear lady. Just the fact that she at age 100 was mugged while WALKING to church says a lot about her right there.
I will be praying for the both of them. I’m glad you posted this because I’ve been following this story for a while and meant to put her on my prayer list, but I had a browser crash and forgot.


There has been at least one NDE where the person who almost died claimed God asked them to forgive a person who seriously wronged them, specifically a taxi driver who had refused to take the dying person in distress to the hospital and threw them out of the cab because the person didn’t have the fare money on them. You’re going to be expected to forgive if you want God to forgive you.


I’m trying to convince my dad to use something like a mobility scooter or something as he has got very slow due to stiff legs and rheumatism. He doesn’t want to because he would consider it would make him look like a ‘puff’ and yes he said that. Elderly Irish blokes are not noted for being PC. I definitely would like to hope whoever did this can make some turn around in their life whilst they can. I doubt they really want to be doing this sort of stuff :frowning:


Other coverage of the story explained that the man was a drug addict, I think opioids, who had unsuccessfully tried to get money from other sources for a fix before just resorting to robbing the first easy target he saw.


Not surprising and I’d wondered if this was a factor in the mugging.


Here’s the updated 2019 story I was following. Although I’m glad he got 15 years considering that UK does not like to give out prison sentences, given that he has over 20 previous convictions I’m wondering what someone has to do to get life in his country.


She is an amazing Christian witness.
She forgave her attacker, and left a good example behind as her dying act.


What a wonderful woman. A terrible shame her life was taken in an act of violence, but her very last act, was to extend mercy. All the marks of sainthood. May she see high places in Heaven.

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