"Story of Stuff" and a critique of it. Is there an existing CAF thread?

Is there a thread or a news story on “The Story of Stuff”?

Saw it on Glenn Beck and got alarmed.

Found a critique of “The Story of Stuff” on the internet.


I did a quick search & didn’t find any previous threads on this. I saw this video last week & am appalled that this propaganda is shown to so many school children.:mad:

Apparently it is a creation of “The Tides Foundation” of Berkeley California.

Need to learn more.


The critique is well done, and the ending song is hilarious.

Seeing this and knowing teachers show it in school, makes me glad I home school.

I’ve seen the “Story of Stuff” and a lot of it rings true. There is no doubt that Walmart and other big chains are able to drive their prices through the floor for a reason. The reason is that their products are produced by cheap labor, in countries that pay the price in pollution and exploitation. Additionally, big box stores are able to hire cheap staff with generic benefits for their chain stores to keep low costs. Us Americans and other first world countries benefit at the expense of others.

Also, she warns us about “planned obsolescence”: a truly insidious idea that convinces people to give up otherwise functional products for the new latest and greatest (witness the ever increasing product lines of cell phones and MP3 players) via advertising. Many people toss out functional items so they can have more bells and whistles and keep up with their peers. It is also true that designers can exploit planned obsolescence by using cheaper components that cause the item to break. Often it is cheaper to just buy a new item rather than repair it. Doesn’t that seem wasteful?

It might appear that she is proposing a “statist” solution to the problem (let government can step in and regulate these things at the behest of us peons). But that doesn’t have to be the solution.

I can’t fault her idea that the “consumer society” our capitalist system is based on is very linear rather than self sustaining. Our economy depends on continuous GDP growth to fund our national debt and keep us from sinking under our current national debt-to-GDP ratio. Continuous GDP growth demands continuous consumption by us Americans. Someday this system is going to break.

I think us Christians have a duty to be good stewards of our resources and not be turned into machines of consumption. That doesn’t have to go hand in hand with having a big liberal, statist government. It just means we have to take individual responsibility for our actions. What is wrong with that message?

Whether you agree with any of the points or not, I believe it is reprehensible to show this video to kids. Its sole purpose is to indoctrinate them with these views at a young age.

I watched this video. It is way over kids’ heads. It just scares them, & it is designed that way. Kids sobbing because they shouldn’t buy Legos because it will ruin forests. That’s just wrong.

The fact that so many school districts & teachers are willing to exploit children with this indoctrination is disturbing.

I agree the video is over the heads of children. It is meant for adults, and if school districts are showing it to kids then that is on them rather than the makers of this video.

I agree with some of the points that you made in your 1st post, about being defined by our stuff & planned obsolescence. My concern is, though, that this was meant for kids for that exact purpose.

I don’t know how to find that out, though. I just assumed it was made for kids because it is shown in hundreds of schools already. How do you know that it is meant for adults? I’m not trying to be argumentative, I’m just trying to find out, because I actually find it sinister to make something like this for kids.

The lady that narrates does seem to sound like she is talking to kids, & the animation seems for kids, except that the content is way over their heads so it overwhelms them.

A few minutes of looking led me to this…

“Our tiny staff is working to make the Story available around the world in many languages, working w/ educators to share the Story in schools around the world”

“In the coming months we’re creating study & action programs for America’s schools”

She sounds like she’s talking to kids, except for the fast & furious content, animation is appealing to kids, they state they are anxious to have kids see it, hundreds of schools have shown it… hmmmmm…

I find this very disturbing, but I need to go pick up my precious child from schoool now!

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