Story of the Amazing African Woman Who Saved the Faith in an Entire Country

If this had happened in Europe, her name would be engraved in our minds.

A princess whose family had great power in her country, she never flinched in her faith as she faced great hostility from her family when she became a Catholic. It was a time of great persecution against Catholics in her country, and when the Catholic priests were kicked out of the country, β€œthe priests entrusted the Catholics of the country to Victoire as the Apostles had been left in the care of the Blessed Mother.” Because of her, Catholicism survived in her country, Madagascar.

She was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1989.

β€œWhen the queen and prime minister stationed soldiers outside to bar entry for prayer, Victoire calmly approached the armed men, saying, β€œIf you must have blood, begin by shedding mine. Fear will not keep us from assembling for prayer.” She stared them down, then led the assembled community in to the church.”


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