Story of the Conversion of a Murderer


God is great! I remember reading about this man in religion class last school year.

That is so lovely. I’m so happy for him!!! I read another story a whole ago, I believe it went like this: A man killed someone. When he was in jail, the dead woman’s sister visited him and told him that she forgave him for what he did. That forgiveness was so shocking to him that it made him rethink his whole life.

Truly, it is proof of the faith! It’s stories like this that keep a person going :slight_smile:

Praise Jesus! Thank God that we have such a merciful Savior! Thanks for sharing:)

Reminds me of St. Theresa, the Little Flower, and how she wanted someone who was to be executed to convert.

Inspiring. God bless all people working in prison ministries.

God in His infinite mercy and love; always welcomes us back to Him.

I cried tears of joy for Jacques Fesch!

Inspiring! :slight_smile:

Very inspiring story. God bless this man. God id good and never gives up on anyone.

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