Story: the Saint Who Died Rather Than Give Up His Rosary


“But Ceferino was also a Catholic living in Spain during the Spanish Civil War at a time when anti-Catholic sentiment was enshrined in law. One day he saw a priest being arrested and called for the soldiers to stop. They turned on him, asking if he had a weapon. ‘Only this,’ El Pelé answered, holding up his rosary. He was beaten for it and dragged to jail.”

In prison, he was told that his life might be saved if he stopped praying. But he kept praying, then was killed.

Later, he was canonized as a Catholic saint.

We don’t hear enough about the Spanish Civil War these days. Or the Cristero War in Mexico either.

I also like the story about St. Francis de Sales when he was confronted in the dark by anti-clericals who said “Throw down your rosary!” And he reached under his cloak but instead of pulling out his rosary he pulled out his sword, and fought them all off.

What heroic virtue!

Blessed Ceferino Giménez Malla, pray for us!

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