Story: They Found the Secret to Real Love in a Double Bed


“As the years passed, the aging process did what it naturally does; it slowed them up, wrinkled their skin, muted their hearing and dulled their thinking. But, it never diminished their ability to hold each other and find comfort in each other’s embrace atop their modest double bed.”


I prefer the queen sized bed myself. More room for when a small one is sick or scared and wants to sleep with Mom and Dad.

I’m always a little mystified by these types of articles. It’s like the authors are amazed that people who love each other a lot somehow manage to continue loving each other when they get old and don’t have sex any more.


Agree. Married people who love and cherish each other in sickness, health, wealth, poverty, youth and old age should be the norm, not something so staggeringly unique we must make it NEWS.

The exception should be those who abandon their spouse.

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