Story: What Has Been Revealed to Me Is Infinitely More Than I Have Written, Saint Thomas Aquinas Explained, and Stopped Writing Completely

Months before Saint Thomas Aquinas died, Saint Thomas had a vision of Christ. Christ said you have written well of me, and asked him what he wanted for his labor. Saint Thomas said, all I want is you Lord. When Jesus responded, this new wisdom was very greatly beyond his thoughts, and he stopped writing completely then.

It’s a good thing that he did not have a vision of God until near the end of his life. Otherwise, humanity would have been deprived of his writings.

Thank you for sharing. I was delighted to read and ponder…

How do you distinguish between an authentic vision and a stroke or other problematic brain event? Given that he died less than half a year later and was notoriously overweight, a brain event like a minor stroke or seizure is more credible than Jesus inspiring him to stop teaching.

I am a piece of sushi. What are you?

The OP’s link comes from a recent homily.
But does anyone know the origin of this story and if it comes from Aguinas himself, or his “confessor” Father Reginald of Piperno?
I’ve seen this anecdote elsewhere but with different details–one saying he “heard a voice coming from a crucifix during mass”.


We can’t know what another person has experienced along these lines. We only know as believers that God can do such things, of course, and that people over the centuries have attested to profound experiences that certainly seem to surpass in quality some mere mental anomaly-driven occurrence. Everything else is just speculation and guesswork on our part but, considering Aquinas’s work, it could certainly seem fitting that God might cap it off in this way.

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