Straight man denied entry at Creation Museum becuase Staffer THOUGHT he was gay.

Straight Louisville man denied entry at Creation Museum; staffer thought he was gay

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A trip to a northern Kentucky museum didn’t go as planned for a Louisville man and his friends.

They said they were denied entry to an event at the Creation Museum because a security guard thought they were gay.

Two of the people involved are claiming discrimination.

This all happened at the Creation Museum in northern Kentucky.

A heterosexual Louisville man said he felt discriminated against after he said a staff member refused him entry into a “date night” event, because it was assumed that he and a friend were a gay couple.

But officials with the Creation Museum say they did nothing wrong.

Jonathan Meador, Brandon Absher and their friend said the trouble began on February 11th at a “date night” event at the Creation Museum, when Absher told a security guard who his “date” was.

“We said: ‘his name is Joe and he’s coming in a hybrid car and he’ll be here soon,’” Absher recalled.

Meador says there was a misunderstanding and that no one in the group is gay.

“They called us back and said you can’t come in,” Absher said. “Jonathan and Shanna were allowed in but I was not allowed to enter.”

Absher says he was denied entry because the door person thought he was gay.

Mark Looy, Communications Director for the Creation Museum, denies there was discrimination involved, saying that everyone is welcome.

Reminds me of some guys kicked out of Boy Scouts because it was THOUGHT they might be gay. The assumption came because they had stayed single and never had sex.

Who would even want to go to a “creationist” museum? To get proof that the world is only 6,000 years old? To learn that God created the world in six 24 hour days, after which He rested? To learn that evolution is of the Devil? :shrug:

How does this Mark Looy person first state that “everyone is welcome” but then state that there is no legal protection against keeping gays out of his public event and even out of restaurants and buses simply because they are gay? In other words, everyone is welcome except flamboyant gays. :rolleyes:

Like-minded folks looking for some social action? :shrug:

Same reason a Catholic would go to a Catholic museum or Pagans go to the Witches’ Museums in Salem.

Here is some additional information to put this into context.

The event was a special “Date Night” at the museum, which included musical performances and dinner among the exhibits. Last month, Joe Sonka posted on his blog, which frequently mocks the Creation Museum and its founder, that he wanted raise money to send the most flamboyantly gay couple he could find to the event.

And finally, let’s get to work doing a fundraiser so we can send the most flamboyantly gay couple imaginable to this dinner. I consider that our patriotic duty.

So the possibility of a gay couple being sponsored to the event specifically to cause upset was already on the radar on the Creation Museum. The apparent position of the museum was that two men dining together on a “date night” would constitute a disruption of the event.

"We are not going to allow anyone to come to a private event and be disruptive. It’s not fair to the other people who also paid to attend the event. We welcome anyone to come to the Creation Museum during regular business hours because we want all people to be exposed to our message,” museum chief communications officer Mark Loy told the Enquire

“In the past, our staff has observed what they believed to be “gay” couples walking through the museum, and these guests were not approached (except in the rare instance where they were deemed to be acting in a disruptive manner). The Creation Museum has always welcomed individuals and groups who do not necessarily share our views.”

I think what really happened is that they sensed the guy had a dangerously high (ie functional) IQ and critical thinking skills, and that would have endangered the whole operation. Accusing him of being gay was just a handy pretext to get him out the door!:smiley:

I doubt you need a particularly high IQ to believe creationism to be a load of b*llocks.

First of all, please forgive me if I offend anyone by anything I say in this post. I live in Louisville, and if I listen to the news on TV, I always like to listen to WAVE 3. However, This upsets me how WAVE 3 took the whole thing out of context, just like any other media source looking for a sensational story. WAVE 3 has started taking a downturn ever since both Jackie Haze and John Belski retired last year.

Well, if I were that security guard, and I knew of the possibility of an openly Gay couple coming in to disrupt the event, I would have been concerned about letting him in as well, after hearing those words. The issue isn’t fairness, but it is one of keeping the peace. It’s just like letting an openly Atheist person with a “god is fake” sign into a Catholic Church after hearing threats that an openly Atheist person would come into that church for the sole purpose of either disrupting the Mass or desecrating the holy Eucharist. The man should have chosen his words more wisely. This is just my oppinion. I’m sure there’ll be a law suit, so we’ll have to see what a judge will say.

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