Straight NZ men marry to win World Cup rugby tickets


I had to laugh.


I think this is an opportunity to show why same-sex “marriage” is a falsehood, though it is a strange opportunity.

The more stories we have of people doing things like this, the more it will become apparent that same-sex “marriage” is only about giving people social benefits because they like each other, which is not a compelling State interest.

Other examples would be: straight roommates “marrying” in order to file taxes jointly because it gives them a tax break and straight friends “marrying” solely in order to let the other one inherit their property in preference to their family.

If stories like this get publicized, it may be an opportunity to show the public that same-sex “marriage” is only about giving people gifts and tax breaks because they like each other, not because their union produces a compelling public good such as children. And then the tide may begin to turn.


Heaven forbid we make a mockery of something that makes a mockery of marriage. That wouldn’t be right.


The real question is, why does the government need to be involved in marriage at all? Do you really need state approval if you love another consenting adult?


You’re not going to get much support here if you believe that. There wouldn’t be a debate if the state never defined marriage. The churches that support gay marriages would have them, and the ones that don’t wouldn’t.

But because the state defines them it’s still a big issue.


I think stories like this are likely to be about as effective as stories about dubious marriages for the purpose of immigration, or taxes, or Medicare benefits have been in discrediting the idea of straight marriages.


We really don’t need them involved with the marriage itself. Marriage is between the husband and the wife. The state has nothing to do with it besides recognizing the union and granting financial benefits and whatnot. Even the Chruch is not necessary for marriage. The couple performs the sacrament on each other.


People abusing marriage isn’t some new trend that’s coming along with same-sex marriage. It has already been abused by those who have always been able to partake in it.


I am not so sure it shows anything other than that marriage is taken lightly by some people.

It was a stunt organized by a radio station called “The Edge.” This same radio station has also, for the past 15 years, run a contest to “Marry a Stranger” in return for prizes.

This most recent contest is simply another example of how marriage has become devalued for some people.




I think those stories have helped to discredit so-called “straight marriages.” If a couple is deciding whether to cohabit or to marry, and they see a story where people get married simply to acquire material benefits, I think that cheapens marriage, and the next couple may decide not to marry because the thought has been planted that marriage isn’t really important.


I agree. But one difference between same-sex “marriage” and actual marriage is, actual marriage has real, inherent value. If our culture is exposed to more stories showing how cheap same-sex “marriage” is, we may be able to use that to show that the State has no compelling interest in promoting it. But the same reasoning does not apply to “real” marriage, because the State does have a compelling interest in promoting that.


Marriage is not about loving another consenting adult. This nonsensical idea is a very modern, western invention, based on the separation of sex from procreation., acceptance of extramarital sex as normal, and the disintegration of the family. Think about it: people increasingly think about sex as a way of recreation, or a way to bond with their significant other of the moment. Pregnancy is a result of failed contraception, an unfortunate side-effect of the sexual act that is essentially meaningless. This new ideology of sexuality has thrown biology out of the window.

The state benefits from stable units between one man and one woman who have children. (The assumption is that men and women will have children because this is the way the human race remains in existence, and the minority who chooses not to or cannot have children is not considered the norm.) I think this has been quite obvious to civilised people until recently. Perhaps you could give yourself the freedom to question these assumptions about human sexuality and marriage that you have been fed by the media and pop culture.


Marriage has become an irrelevant joke, great visceral entertainment as a spectator sport.

Those who will suffer most as a result are the single mothers and their impoversihed children.

For sports fans, it is a small price to pay when the benefits are free tickets.


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