Strange Backlash against Conversion


Welcome home and God bless you.

The only advise I can offer you is what I did when my dh and I moved down to our new home - go to an Emmaus Retreat. You will meet new friends from your own Parish and get a chance to bond.

Good luck and God bless.


I’m not a convert, but my husband is- I know he had very similar experiences with his family and friends. Sadly, when people’s consciences prick them about what THEY believe, their first response is to become angry at the convert. In their minds, it’s all your fault for forcing them to think about problems they’d rather not face.


Thanks for your advice! My dad is like that - I think he will start a conversation hoping it will be an argument. I am the calm one in my family, so I usually brush it off or ignore it. I am saddened if I feel unable to answer his points, though, because it as if I don’t know what I’m talking about. However, I can tell his disappointment when I am not riled up. And that saddens me even more. Why would my dad enjoy starting fights with his own kids? (He has always done this to my sister, in different topics).

We have fun talking about other things - but, especially with my roommate, talking about “deep” things is so much a part of what we do.



That is true, too, I believe. I have a bad habit of not following through on some things, but it just seems so odd that they would be fine with it and then get desperate.

By the way, they have also never been ones to overly criticize the Catholic church. A few times when I was growing up they would say why it wouldn’t work for them, but they were not like many of my Protestant friends from college.


What you have said rings very true. I suppose I have been a little more talkative about my faith - I want them to come to Mass with me but no longer go to their church. I insist on going to church every Sunday, which probably makes them think I think I am holier than they are. Using the term “fullness” of faith is one I like, but I don’t know if I have used it with them.

I will have to make a harder effort to not sound condescending. It is hard because sometimes they are obviously being rude, but other times I am being sensitive (like when my sister says she interprets the bible for herself). So I can see now that there would be times they feel the same way.


of course, they want their decision to NOT be catholic validated. you can’t exactly do that without falling into the error of relativism, but you CAN validate their influence on you. look:

mom and dad, this is hard for all of us, but you only have yourselves to blame! you raised me to think things through/ talk things out/ see all sides/ search out truth/ challenge presumptions/ debate with charity/ and the Catholic Church is where all your good training brought me! and I’m here to stay! but for now, i’m going to try and leave it out of my conversations. my excitement might sound like a condemnation, and it’s not-- but that brings out lotsa big feelings for all of us. so, let’s backburner the convo for a while… … anyone up for a game of checkers…?


Remember, in becoming a Catholic, you are also taking on the Cross of Christ. You are in effect carrying the cross of Jesus. In doing so, expect taunts, jeers, putdowns. Didn't Jesus get the same!! If you are receiving these, you are indeed on the way to being a true Catholic. Ask Jesus, how to carry this cross. If, in your heart you truly want to carry this cross, and you make every effort to do so, you will feel the cross become lighter. Jesus will not leave you alone. He will be there carrying it with you. You always know you are on the right path, when you suffer for your beliefs. So rejoice! Accept this gift of Christ. He is teaching you to grow in patience, humility, and love. Above all remember, you can do absolutely NOTHING by your own will. Prayer is the key. The Bible says NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, never stop praying. Peter


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