Strange cross

I was on vacation this summer in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I saw a tombstone in a Franciscan monastery. There was a cross on this tombstone that I can’t seem to identify.

It’s difficult to describe without posting a picture. Imagine a cross with two horizontal bars, the lower bar slightly longer than the first. Then the lower half of the cross froms the letter “P”, which is surrounded by what could be a letter “C”. I don’t recall a date on the tombstone, but others in the area ranged from the 1300s to the 1800s. My first thought is that it might be an Orthodox symbol, but it was in a historically strongly Catholic country.

I know this is a fuzzy description, and I would be happy to email a picture to anyone who might be able to help. It’s really gotten stuck in my mind, and I would truly appreciate any help in identifying it.

Thanks a lot,

Could you just post the picture here?

Did it resemble the Lorraine Cross?

I can’t seem to post the picture, but here’s a link


Hmm, never seen that before…

The cross appears to be a Patriarchal Cross, which is traditionally borne before Archbishops and Cardinals in processions. The upper represents the signboard nailed about Christ’s head.

I have never seen the combination with the C and the P though…

here’s a description from a guide and review website. Sounds like it’s something along these lines.

Byzantine Orthodox Cross

The Byzantine Orthodox Cross is used in the Eastern Orthodox Church. This cross has the letters IC XC at the end of the main arms. These letters represent the name of Jesus Christ. The top line of this cross represents the headboard of the crucifix while the bottom, slanted line represents the footrest.

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