Strange diet???

I have recently heard that a woman named Gwen Shamblin, who is famous for the weigh down diet, has begun a cult-like church called “remnant fellowship”. My friend is reading her diet book and says it is helpful and feels that it is Scripturally sound. Does anyone know of this book and diet? I have never heard of it until now!

I don’t know about the Diet except what I read. But the Remnant Fellowship is a nasty cult, very controlling like most cults. Don’t take my word for it; see:

A very disspassionate and factual account of their time in the cult, by Adam and Maria Brooks

It does indeed look as if her program will provide practitioners the “weigh down.” :eek:

Remnant Fellowship: severe discipline of children. No association allowed with non-Remnant members, even if they’re your children or your parents. Not allowed to question church authorities. Members not allowed to read material not written by Shamblin or listen to music unless it was by her husband.
Very disturbing. Don’t read this if you love children.
Yet another ego-centered claim to be the true church - the trinity is a “man-made” idea. :rolleyes:

Strange emphasis on the obedience of children. :frowning:

We are finding the hope of “doing the will of the Father” in all aspects of our lives and the result has been weight loss, healed marriages, people coming off Prozac, obedient children, etc. We are telling you that hardly anyone in these photos is the same size as they used to be. But we are not too small - we obey the hunger signals that God put in us so that we are the size that God has made us. Anorexics have gained weight and bulimics do not throw up their food! Let’s talk about marriages - they are happy and many of these marriages were “on the rocks” when they came to Remnant. What about the children? We could write a book and probably will. We have never seen anything like what is happening with the children. It is so awesome to see all the children obey their parents the first time they are asked. Again, we are here to say that we have never seen anything like this before. What is God doing?

I’d say the answer to that is, “God is letting you be hornswoggled by the evil one, since that is what you have chosen!”

Children raised in love and solid guidance are obedient - and they don’t need groups of ten lashes of a glue stick to get them that way. :crying:


I read an article where she denied the Trinity and I would avoid it like the plague. There’s a Catholic equivalent…

Oh my! It seems this woman is reminiscient of David Koresh! :bigyikes:

[quote=Jennifer123]I read an article where she denied the Trinity and I would avoid it like the plague. There’s a Catholic equivalent…

Jennifer, Thank you for mentioning The Light Weigh – I have heard Suzanne fowler on EWTN more than once and she is such a good and decent woman. Her program is really Catholic – the Prots will not want to get into the sacrificial love and offering up our sufferings part of it, however, I am hoping this program will be more successful.

[quote=Mickey] (…) Does anyone know of this book and diet? I have never heard of it until now!

I am familiar with both the book and the diet. If the book is The Weigh Down Diet then it’s okay. It isn’t Catholic but there isn’t anything offensive to Catholic sensibilities and I found it to be scripturally sound. The diet is affective and safe for most people.

I’ve used it and was successful in losing weight and found it to be s spiritually fruitful time even though I was going through a depressive phase (making it quite remarkable).

I was a part of 2 different Weigh Down Bible studies at protestant churches. I didn’t like them; I felt like I went into apologetical mode when I was there because certain people felt quite free saying derogatory (and incorrect) things about Catholicism. Different denoms. Not a part of the curriculum. Just certain individuals being poor witnesses.

When I first heard of Gwen and Weigh Down (via EWTN back in ‘97 or so) she seemed to be on the right path. I knew she wasnt’ Catholic but I thought she would have made a good one. Then she went off the deep end. Waaaaaaay off.

Light Weigh is okay. I see it as an imitation and imitations are rarely as good as the original. However. It is wonderful for those who have had little catechesis especially in the area of devotions. One could lose weight and gain a prayer life from participating in the program. And while they have similar approaches to weight loss I personally found it less “motivating” and therefore less effective. YMMV.

Does anyone have a link as to what the diet consist of? I myself have been struggling with an additional ten pounds. One thing that I have noticed is that if I let myself get hungry I am more likely to loose control and splurge. Therefore, I try to keep a little food on my stomach and I have been loosing weight. One of the articles mentioned said that she advises people to wait until their stomach growls before they eat. If I did that, I would be miserable and would probably fail on the diet. What kinds of food are on her diet and how can a diet be scriptually based? Except for the Old Testament Laws on food, I don’t recall the bible mentioning food at all.

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