Strange dreams just dreams or something more

Every now and then I have some really strange religious dreams. The most recent one was very disturbing. There was a great demon type creature the was jet black and dripping what can only be described2 as tar. It had large horns on it’s head. It had grabbed me by both arms and would not let go. The more I fought, the more tightly the creature gripped. Then all of a sudden I was outside my body looking at this thing holding me. All of a sudden while looking at the scene unfold from outside of my body, My body turned into the demon and I woke up in a cold sweat. This dream happened some time ago but it has remained in my mind ever since. I have since turned to God and became a better Catholic

This often befalls folks who read Book of Revelation
without proper supervision.

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I have been known to read revelation from tome to time. Strange that would happen. Is there any theory as to why? Thanks for replying by the way

If this happens in a dream again, try and cry out to the blessed virgin for protection x

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Funny. I read a lot of revelation without supervision and didn’t have these dreams. Maybe I should try again?

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Maybe I’m just weird :grin:

The part where you say you “have since turned to God” tells me exactly why!!

I too had demonic dreams when i was in a state of sin away from God. I was being attacked (as you most likely were) and i believe God allowed me in all his grace to see these attacks in my dreams which had the exact affect on me as you, it turned me back to God (which i am sure is why God allowed the dreams to happen.) God can even use sin and demonic attacks for the greater good. He is so wonderful :slight_smile:

I keep holy water, rosaries, my bible and some religious imagery (pictures of Jesus and Mary) next to my bed for protection. I was even blessed enough one night to dream of the Queen of Heaven, our mother Mary, ward off a demonic attack. I knew a demon was around me, looked to my bedside table and a statue (which i don’t have but was just part of the dream) of Mary was there wearing a crown (which IS the same as one of my images of her that is in my bedside table) and in the dream I knew that the demon then left because she was there guarding me.

Prayers for you OP :slight_smile:

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No demon can beat our mother Mary! She’s the best.


Yes I have my rosary and other things with me now. I did think it was some kind of attack but I didn’t want to say lol. I was actually strongly attacked years ago by some presence. The bed clothes flew off the bed and something pinned me to the bed had to leave that house shortly after. Thank God for calling me back every day

Good for you, turning to the church! Scripture speaks of messages in dreams: st. Joseph’s flight to Egypt, the maji avoiding Herod, Joseph from the Old Testament et al. The St. Michael prayer was written by the pope at the time when he had a kind of waking dream. That said, DON’T give satan any more power than he has. You wear the full armor of God, to borrow a line from Ephesians. Saying a St. Michael prayer for you and this one when I hit the blue thingy.

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