Strange Experience during Mass?


Well, I went to Mass today, and during the Glory to God, I heard this noise. It sounded something like a trumpet. There were no trumpets around Church, and I think I was the only one who heard it because it was very loud. I jumped, but no one around me did. I could also only hear it in my right ear.

Am I just hearing things? Or was God trying to tell me something?


Hmmm if it was only in one ear I think maybe there was just something wrong with your right ear at that moment. If it happens again, then there might be something more.


Sometimes, when one is falling asleep or very relaxed, we get audio dream sensations instead of visual ones. I usually hear a car horn or think my mom is calling me. :slight_smile: Also, it could be some kind of ear problem.

On the other hand, there’s nothing to say that that wasn’t a supernatural occurrence.

Either way, there’s really nothing much to do about it. If there was some kind of thing God was doing with your soul, He did it right then and there; so there’s nothing you need to do. If it was an audio sensation because you were on the point of snoozing or going into a meditative trance, there’s also nothing to do.

Sometimes weird stuff happens. Don’t worry about it unless more weird stuff happens.


Oh I’ve had that before. I’m famous for it actually. This was not like anything I’ve ever experienced before.


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