Strange foreign example about how divorce hurts women with "One Month Vacation Wifes"

This rather strange story came out of India, where foreign men take a wife for a month while on vacation. “Marriage”, with repeated divorce and re-marriage looks virtually like a form of prostitution!

Here’s the story:

Here are some of my thoughts: When marriage is seen as a life-long, life-giving union between one-man and one woman, this type of distortion of marriage can’t happen. Some in our Western culture want to change the definition of marriage-- and have already done so by through “no-fault” divorce and pre-nuptual agreement. That type of thing sets the stage for further problems for women down the road. Marriage laws that keep it to ** one** man and one woman, close the door to polygamy.

Polygamy contributes to the events in this story, as the story notes some of the “grooms” already have wives in their own country who don’t come along on these trips. While polygamy has not been culturally accepted by Western civilization since the rise of Christianity, as Christian values get replaced and marriage gets re-defined, nothing protects Western women from the introduction of polygamy.

Combine a polygamist culture with a divorce culture, and situations like this may result, where wives and prostitutes become virtually interchangable terms.

When men don’t know what marriage means, women and children suffer.

If the western world adopts multi-marriages women will be able to marry multiple men. It is called polyamory now. I am sure most guys wouldn’t go for it though.

It is an abuse of a Misyar marriage.

The original intent of a Misyar was for poor men and women to get the benefits of marriage, avoid fornication, and not go broke in the process. In practice it allows wealthy men(usually already married) to enter into a marriage with a woman(usually with few other options) for a predetermined period of time, from months to only several hours. The man has very few obligations and the women receives very few rights in return. Seems like little more than a halal hookup to me. :shrug:

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