Strange man in Satan shirt at Mass today


Today at Mass, a young bearded man walked up and down each of the Church aisles wearing a black t shirt with “Hail Satan” in large block letters on the front of the shirt. This happened right after Communion when the congregation was silent and kneeling in prayer. The man stopped periodically and pointed at people, then he walked across the front of the church between the congregation and the altar, then back down a side aisle.

People were watching him attentively as were the priests and the deacon. No one accosted him or said anything to him, or from what I could see, even made eye contact with him. I know I sure didn’t!

After the Communion prayer and the dismissal we said the prayer to St. Michael as we always do. The man came back up the main aisle as the priests and altar servers were preparing to process and stood right next to my husband and I. As the altar server turned with the crucifix, the man walked down the center of the aisle and sat in a pew. We observed the priests talking to him and the pastor hugged him, then the man left.

Has anyone else had such a thing happen during Mass? If so, what did the people and the priest do? :confused:


Once at Mass during Communion time in a small chapel, a man stood in the aisle but not directly in line, and said loud enough to be heard, “Give me a Host!” At that point, the ushers positioned themselves in between the man and the priest, and after a little while the man left.


Wow! That’s something!

We once had a guy who was mentally ill, who would go from church to church, here.
He once vomited in the Cathedral and then stayed to sleep it off. He also seems homeless.

On another occasion, he was just outside where they have 24 hour adoration, spitting and spitting. He came in, kept spitting all over. Then, he grabbed some of the materials, tried to sell them for a peso, each! Then, he raised his fist to hit someone.

He finally left, went next door to the church, up to the altar, and I went after him to explain he had been causing problems with the Blessed Sacrament next door.

I once saw this same guy escorted away from the market, by the polic, and heard he´d take off his clothes and such, as well. They seemed to just move him away, and he´d only keep returning to plague us. I encountered this same guy everyday, in a church, even different churches, 3 consecutive days in a row!

He once struck a pose like those you see with demons, where they are sort of hunched over, with a weird smile and their arms sort of bent up, hand bent at the wrist, downward.
Gave me the creeps.


I noticed at one point, they had police hanging out at the Cathedral, and oh yeah, another time, he took my stuff when I did Stations of the Cross. I had left mainly recycling and a missal. A sister took it back, said he was ready to tear up the missal or liturgy of the hours, whatever it was.


There’s a parish in my city that had a man who would walk in during Mass and just stand in the aisle and stare at the crucifix above the altar. He wouldn’t say anything but would stare intensely and then leave. I think he’s done this a few times. I believe the priest and parishioners just ignored him – they probably weren’t too sure what to do.

I’ve seen people wear those types of shirts. We have an annual “March for Jesus” walk where I live, and these people would come along wearing shirts with those types of messages. The best we can do is just pray for them all. :signofcross:


May God Bless your Pastor greatly for hugging him.
The man potentially has a mental illness and maybe no one has hugged or loved him for a long time.

On the surface,a man wearing a “hail satan” shirt could seem like someone who doesnt like Christians just coming into the Church to mock or antagonise them etc but when you mentioned that the man stopped periodically and pointed at people that sounded more like the actions of someone with a mental illness.

Sometimes people with severe mental ilnesses are “rejected” by their families because they can’t deal with their “illness manifestations”.
Others Eg:doctors,often only characterise them through the lens of their mental illness.They will see him as a “schizophrenic” .To them that’s his identity instead of his identity being “john” (for example) a man,like any other,who also has symptoms of schizophrenia like someone might have symptoms of cancer etc.
So point being,it might have been a while since he’s had interactions that have given him respect,dignity and love.
He should be welcomed into your Church and shown love,acceptance,and compassion.


I have to say - this type of information really, really scares me! I have NEVER experienced anything like this EVER happening at Mass - Never! In fact - it is extremely disturbing to me! It is surrealistic to me! I do not want to know this kind of “information”! Am I the only one who think this is demonic and a precusor of what is to come???


Yes it’s disturbing but we need to hear about these things because the Church is going to be attacked like this more frequently. I think the situation was handled correctly in this instance but obviously if he started acosting people then you would have to take care of business. The other thing to be concerned about is if this guy keeps coming back doing the same thing because he thinks it’s accepted.


Some strange stuff going on these days at your church! :signofcross:


No I don’t think it’s demonic. All the man did was walk around, point at a couple people and sit in a pew. He also apparently was hugged by the priest. I agree with the previous poster that he could possibly have a mental illness. He didn’t threaten anyone or attempt to damage anything. Who knows where the shirt came from, but regardless it’s just a shirt.


Strange days indeed


The priest should do what Christ would do.

Whatever was wrong with the man…whatever… he needs to be shown the love and compassion and mercy of Christ.

Demonic influence and even possession on varying levels is indeed very real, though. It’s not always mental illness that people have. Deny Satan acting in the world and you deny Christ’s mission here which touches Him directly as well.

Be sober and watch…Love one another…and Be not afraid.


No, I think the man just was disturbed and/or mentally ill. Churches have their doors open (as they should) and so people can walk in off the street if they want. He obviously had some kind of need.

There are lots of people who are struggling with life, sometimes they wander into churches. :slight_smile:


It was a few years ago, but still makes me a bit sick thinking about the time at Mass where I was really wondering if I was going to be fertilizer in no time at all.
He came in at the nearing of the end of the Mass, yelling all sorts of things about priests, the government and society at large. He dumped what appeared to be a gallon of gasoline all over the entranceway to the upper floor. Even the library.
I won’t go into detail about this horrifying event because I need to keep focusing on the outcome. No one was hurt, thankfully.
Not one person was directly hurt by this individual.
I can not say that the person who did these things that day did not suffer for them, because they were removed from the scene quickly and I do hope, the individual that caused so much disruption that day got the medical help they needed to be a better fit within society.


In one parish, there was a mentally-ill man who believed that he was Jesus. He would wear a robe and sandals and carry an impressive crozier and occasionally try to disrupt Mass to announce that he had returned. When our pastor showed him the door, he left and apparently did the same thing down the street with the Baptists and the Lutherans.


Sadly, some churches in Europe have experienced disruptions during Mass over the years by groups like “Femen” (radical, extremist feminist group with topless ladies in public). In particular, I remember reading about a topless lady who jumped on the altar during a Christmas Mass in the Cathedral of Cologne, Germany last year. The group has made threats of taking action in the future. All I can say is that we should pray for anyone who intentionally makes a scene at Mass – they’re likely going through some form of personal struggle (demonic or otherwise). :gopray2:


That is really strange and creepy.


When I first converted, the parish I attended frequently had a man there at Mass who believed he was Jesus. He had been forcibly removed from every other church in the town, but for some reason he was quiet and respectful during Mass at our parish. He was homeless and in and out of shelters and I think our priest had really been the first one to treat him as something other than a disturbance.

A few years later, I attended Mass at our cathedral celebrated by the bishop, and a young man stood up during the homily and demanded to speak. There were a lot of Protestants in attendance (I don’t remember the occasion) and I don’t know what his deal was (at first I thought maybe he misunderstood the kind of worship?) but apparently he had been there before and had done similar things (from what I heard later). He was literally carried outside by the ushers.

I always pray for these people. They may be afflicted with mental illness or even the demonic, but somehow, they are still ending up in a place that can offer them healing.


Some may be demonic; and some may be due to mental illness. The Church is not quick to say that certain actions are due to demonic possession, because much of what we confront is due to mental illness; having said that, we also tend to be so “scientifically prejudiced” that the concept of possession is considered “medieval” - which Satan would delightedly have us think. There is danger, however, in seeing possession in every poor individual who is mentally deranged.


I think they are harmless if they just walk around, but if they tried to get up on the altar that is where I would draw the line.

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