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We just came from vacation and we experinced in the church on the island we were a very strange mass. First of all the priest was not dressed for mass, he had normal pants and polo green t-shirt. The mass lasted about 10-15 minutes and it looked like everybody was rushing to finish it. They skipped a lot of things, there was no Our Father and the Liturgy of Eucharist was skipped almost totally. There was also no wine. A woman read the fragment from the Gospel. In the end the priest offered communion to everybody and in the end a woman gave communion to the priest.


Although we can’t be certain from your description, it *sounds *like you did not attend a Mass but rather a Communion Service. That would make the man in the green polo shirt a lay person, not a priest, which also explains why he was not vested, why there was no Eucharstic prayer, why there was not wine/Precious Blood, and why a woman did the readings.


I don’t know what a Communion Service is. It started like a normal mass. The guy in the polo shirt invited us to think of our sins, we recited the mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa. Then there was the first reading, by a woman, then there was the gospel reading also by a woman, and then some very fast prayers and then communion.


That's a Communion service.


You can see the text of the Rite here:

Yep, sounds like the Rite of distributing Holy Communion outside of Mass within the celebration of the Word.


Yes, this was a Communion Service. And the man was not a priest.

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