Strange Messed up Profile Picture


For a couple of hours, my profile picture has been messed up. I have tried logging out and back in but to no avail.

Here is what it looks like (top right hand corner of screen):

This is what is should be:

Any suggestions for what to do?

May the Lord be with you,



FWIW, I see your pic of Pope Benedict. The incognito symbol is your browser setting—you’re using it in that mode.

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It looks fine to me right now in your avatar.

Sometimes servers have a hard time pulling a graphic from an image host for a few hours so it goes blank or blooey during that time. Usually it comes back within a day.

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My messed up profile image is just below the incognito - maybe if I come back in normal mode rather than incognito it will work.

Oh I see it now! But I’ve seen you in the Lounge today, etc, and it’s always looked right.

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It seems to be fine now that I’ve left incognito. I only use incognito as I’d rather not have my school account track what I do on CAF.

As the screenshot shows, it has gone back to normal.

Thanks for your help.

To be honest, I don’t recognize most profile pictures.
The images are too small.


Do school not mind you watching Coronation Street? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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They’d be fine with me watching Coronation Street!

I was just watching a video clip from an episode that screened a few months ago.

Can’t beat an episode of Coronation Street.

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