Strange places you've receive the sacrament of Confession?


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I have two strange places, but both with the same priest. I used to know a young, spry priest who was obsessed with this sacrament. He once attended a Theology on Tap (a Catholic talk that take place at a bar.). When the talk ended, he and another young priest were sitting next to me and I heard them conferring, "yeah, I think we can do it here." Then he stands up and announces, "anyone who wants confession, I''ll be at the end of the bar, Fr. so-and-so will be in this booth. So, I went to confession while sitting at the end of the bar. No one could hear - it was a loud bar. And we were in a corner.

Sometime later, I went to an all-night prayer vigil outside an abortion place. I'm not prone to scrupulosity, but all of a sudden I started getting all these thoughts of "you're just a sinner too. who are you to be witnessing to anyone else about morality?" This was a Saturday night near a college campus. So the kids going and coming to their parties were asking us why we were there. Well, this same priest comes along, and prays with us a while. He looked as though he was about to leave and says, "if anyone wants confession, I'll be at the far end of the building. So I received Confession standing on the sidewalk outside an abortion place in the middle of the night. Once again, no one could hear. It felt as if God sent that priest there that night just to settle my heart.


Car, closet, a field, walking outside....


In a garage.


On a beach, where we had Confession before Mass. Also in the Desert on a camping trip.
God Bless


Walking around the grounds of our Parish, baseball field,


In a school gym, school cafeteria, library....


On an old airport tarmac for World Youth Day.


Not a strange place really, but got like a drive-by Absolution. W
Went to talk to a visiting priest before Mass one Sunday.

Me: Father, can talk to you a moment? I need to Confess. I did x, y, and z this week.

Priest: (smiling broadly) Are you sorry for your sins and promise to try to never do them again?

Me: Well yes, but-

Priest: (making sign of the cross) Then you're forgiven. Say a Hail Mary.

Me: Really? Can you do that just like that?

Priest: (still smiling) Yup.

SPLIT: Valid absolution?
SPLIT: Valid absolution?

Front seat of a '99 SVT Contour while driving Father to the airport. He was going on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.



Next to a luggage carousel in Kansas City airport.

In a grass roofed hut on the Serengeti.


In a hotel lift in Portugal. 😱


Not really a strange place, but the only time I've Confessed outside of the Confession room was in the cry room at church.


[quote="Jimmygill88, post:11, topic:306566"]
In a hotel lift in Portugal. 😱


At our parish mission one year,there was communal penance service.Walked up to the priest whispered my confession into his ear! That was it.Not even sure he heard much of whatv I said Itvwas so noisy:eek:


I have not been to the sacrament of confession yet but I have had a meeting or two with my priest about it. He was explaining how priests confess to each other (side note: I did not know that at the time) and he told me that he regularly hears confessions while playing golf with some of the other priests in the diocese.


Not me, but I read an account of a construction worker who stepped into an elevator with a priest. As soon as the doors closed, "Bless me father for I have sinned..."!


Ive had it in the school gym and at a football game


in the car of the priest!


In a bunker/fighting hole just inside of Kuwait, just before we crossed into Iraq in the attack.

I went into the fight totally serene.


I've received it everywhere from semi-normal places like sacristies, pastor's offices and narthexes to more odd places like in the corner of a school or in the middle of a field at a picnic. A little bit of everywhere.


[quote="Edward_H, post:18, topic:306566"]
In a bunker/fighting hole just inside of Kuwait, just before we crossed into Iraq in the attack.

I went into the fight totally serene.


THIS is AWESOME. :thumbsup:

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