Strange prayer for Protestant Family-in-Law


DH’s cousin recently resigned from his post as an Associate Pastor at a local Baptist Church.
He, his wife, and their new daughter are searching for a new church home. I have been praying that they walk into a Catholic church out of curiosity. I know that is a stretch (as he would not co-officiate DH and I’s wedding because it was Catholic) but I hope that perhaps they find a home in Christ’s Church and the fullness of Truth


It’s a very good prayer, and someday the family will thank you for praying it!

There are so many issues right now in evangelical churches (which include Baptist churches) that many evangelicals are becoming quite disillusioned. We are seeing the growth of the “home church” and the “megachurch” as a way of dealing with the issues. Other Protestants are getting into “alternative” and “contemplative” worship, which looks amazingly like Catholic liturgy sometimes!

I think it’s very feasible that your relatives are going through some of these issues, and it’s quite possible that God is using this to lead them to the Catholic Church.

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