Strange Prayer Request

So, I have a chance to get two of my novels published. I have written five, but none of them have yet been published. I keep getting close. One was a finalist in the Amazon “Best American New Face” competition last year. It didn’t win, but being put into the finals was exciting.

Anyway, two of my books are Christian Fiction - one is a re-telling of the story of Job. I set the character in the Great Depression. The second, called Kinsman Redeemer, is the story of Ruth and Boaz moved in time and place to a different setting. It really got good reviews from my beta readers.

I have a friend in the industry who just made an introduction at Abingdon Press and they are looking for more Christian Fiction. It is a great chance for me to finally get these published. My friend is the Chief Operating Officer at one of the largest Christian retail marketing firms in the country, so when they do get published, I’ll have a nice support system to push for shelf space.

Anyway, I’d appreciate your prayers on this matter. It would really be exciting to finally get something published. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come really, really close. It is so hard for a new author to break into the business. They are not good at risk taking and a new author is a big risk.

Sure will. My brother is in the jam you’re in. He wants to be a writer but the business is so competitive and limited for his interests (children’s fiction and fiction in general).

Of course I will pray for you, Chosen. Good luck!

WOW! Congratulations! GOD bless and GOD willing you get your book published! You are in my prayers! I am a bit of a writer but never done anything so grand! My kids love my stories and wished I would make them into published stories…My daughter says I would make a lot of children happy…My fiance thinks I have a gift too but I have never pursued my hopes and dreams only because while growing up nothing I chose was good enough so I kind of just rolled with the wind! LOL Anyhow that is wonderful and I am sure you will be a great success! GOD BLESS! Take care and please keep us updated! Such great news needs to be shared!! :slight_smile:

It is an exciting time for you. When you are published beware the temptation to let it get to your head. Keep focused on the original purpose/ministry of your writing and you’ll be OK, no matter what happens.
A published author

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