Strange Priestly gesture


As we were entering for the 12:30 Mass yesterday, the previous Mass was running very late, and we entered just as the Recessional was finishing.

The priest (whom I have never seen before; must be visiting) exited with his arms raised above him, sort of like a “Touchdown” gesture.

Has anyone ever seen this? What is it?

God Bless

I’ve seen it before and always interpreted it as a sign of praise and worship. The same as some people raise their hands when praying or singing or …

My best guess is that it was probably a blessing.

But then, he should have been making the sign of the cross, blessing people as he passed. This was just arms raised.

God Bless

Could be stylistic. Many priests use this posture when praying a blessing so he may have chosen to use it even though he was silent at the time. (there could also be the issue of coordinating independent movements of his hands and feet - he was walking at the time, correct?)

Yes, he was recessing.

Must admit its a first for me. And yes it would seem weird or out place, out of the norm in any recessional. Perhaps a cultural thing with the priest himself…who knows. :shrug:

Maybe his chasuble was too big and he was simply trying to free his hands! :stuck_out_tongue:

My thoughts exactly, and probably not far off the mark. My Franciscan priest often raise their arms to free their hands from several layers of priestly vestments over their already loose sleeved habits.

Maybe he’s from Notre Dame. [You know, touchdown Jesus. Never mind.]

I love it when the priest blesses us with both arms extended as high held as possible, when we see the palms of his hands. :thumbsup:

Same reference is sometimes made of Christ Pantocrator in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC.

I’ve seen quite a few worshippers do as thus, raise their arms and sometimes even lightly sway in such manner. If a priest feels the moment to do so on the way out, then praise be I guess. He may be An Evangelical Catholic?

Was there an altar boy behind him with a gun?

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