Strange thing about condoms

Yesterday at work, we were going thru some of the sales audit reports and I saw something strange regarding condoms we sell, these are already a popular target for shoplifting, but the figures show only about 15% of people pay for them?! 85% of the time, they are stolen off the shelf!!

It made me wonder if maybe more people are not more self conscious than they admit about buying/ using them?

Candy bars and cigarettes remain the top 2 shoplifted items, so thats a pretty clear sign on what people are thinking too! LOL

Well when you’ve got large groups telling you that they’re wrong, it not surprising people would be self conscious about buying condoms.

I would GUESS that mostly kids are stealing them. Young ones know that FORNICATION is wrong and don’t want people to know they are fornicating.

In small communities, kids might be scared that they will see someone their parents know at the store when the are paying for the condoms.

As wrong as birth control is, fornication is a bigger sin.

Then, their is always the fact that sexual sin is a “gateway sin.” Meaning, that if your are all ready a criminal, you will most likely not have any fear about fornicating or hiring a prostitute. Therefore, unmarried theives (who don’t want STDs) don’t that’s any issues with stealing condoms.

And the candy bar theft? Are we blaming that on the FDA?

No-one can steal cigarettes in a shop in the UK - they are always behind the counter and now have to be locked away behind solid metal doors - it’s a recent law to make them inaccessible/not displayed to kids. If you want to browse the brands and prices, you have to ask the assistant for the stock list.

I read the hemorrhoid cream is also stolen from pharmacies. At least condoms are cheap, so shouldn’t represent such a loss.

I assume that they are mainly stolen by teens who do not want to be caught buying condoms.

Some say drinking coffee is wrong but I never hear about coffee getting ripped off. :rolleyes:

Candy bars at stores is easy, they’re right there at the checkouts at kid level. I know many a kid who simply grabbed a bar when the cashier and mom weren’t looking and no one noticed until later. As for cigarettes I have no clue how those are being shoplifted. In CA they’re all in locked cases behind glass or behind the counters. So if anyone is stealing them in CA it’s an inside job.

Which shouldn’t be that surprising. The largest group that shoplifts from stores are its own employees statistically.

Who says drinking coffee is wrong? Mormons?

Cigarettes are behind the counter in pretty much all states. So I agree, cigarette theft is most likely inside jobs. People steal the cigarettes to sell them to prison inmate black market (or because they just don’t want to buy them)

You might have a point about selling cigs black market, like during and after a war, because taxes on them in some states are excessive. Prohibition never stopped the flow of liquor. It made alcohol more coveted.

Packaging. Big obnoxious packaging keeps the sticky fingers away.
Hard to hide. Although when I was in college and working for a grocery chain we had a woman attempt to steal a ham between her legs. :cool:

So, if you really want to steal stuff, you’ll find a way.:rolleyes:

Please porn addicts do not gets ideas, some people use them to masturbate.

All the shoplifting and theft that occurs at our stores do not effect profit that much, its really quite insignificant actually.

Its the main reason, my company chose to not pursue shoplifting, and actually if a store mgr tries to pursue or calls police, he can be written up, its company policy to in effect ‘do nothing’, even for fuel drive offs (people leaving without paying for gas), policy is to only record license number if possible and that is only for store use, if we see them again, we can deny them service and ask them to go elsewhere, but thats it.

I didnt believe this policy at first, but they explained they had an incident years ago where some manager caught a guy trying to walk out with product, and the manager restrained him, and the thief reported THIS to the police, and the big one…he called our company hotline to complain!! LOL and yes, our CEO thought it wise to just close our eyes to theft from now on! They are more concerned with people calling the hotline to complain rather than stealing inexpensive items, which are marked up 250% already. its really crazy, but Ive been there for almost 8 yrs and theft does not appear to have that much effect on our P/Ls…??

Cigarettes are kept behind the counters, but when its busy, and there are long lines with only 1 or 2 employees working, crafty people just run back and grab a pack or two, and usually are not even noticed. There are no doors or barriers to prevent people from walking back behind the counter.

We do keep track of theft though, its one of my duties, I have a list of items that I have to track from store to store monthly, we dont do anything about it, but do like to know how much theft is going on and what is being taken.

:rotfl: We have a winner! :yeah_me:

It’s because people are embarrassed to buy them. Condoms are a very personal item. It’s the ol’ tsk tsk tsk, looks like someone’s up to the devil’s business, eh? Nudge nudge wink wink.

I’m a 40-something married man and I’d be embarrassed about buying them. Especially at our local supermarket, where the pharmacy is right at the front of the store, and the condoms are on shelves right in front of the pharmacy. So basically everyone who walks into the store would see a person browsing the shelves. But I guess, shelving the prophylactic condoms there is the store’s stop-loss procedure.

And it would take some browsing, too. There are so many brands, types, sizes, etc., that you wouldn’t be able to walk up and grab a box without looking.

How do I know this? Because every time I’m waiting for a prescription I try to look the shelves without being seen looking at the shelves. :stuck_out_tongue:

And in the 20 years I’ve lived here, I’ve only once seen someone pick a box off the shelf. (then I followed him out of the store, pointing at him and yelling, “Fornicator! Fornicator! Sodomite!” Granted, I couldn’t verify any of these things, but better safe than sorry.)


Blasphemers!!! :eek::eek::eek:

Condoms, coffee, ham, shoplifting. The things we discuss on these forums! :rotfl:

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