Strange WoW Blizzard support answer

For those of you who play World of Warcraft, I received a strange reply to a customer support question in game. In a nutshell the situation was this: I sent in a in-game report notifying the GMs(Game Masters) that there was a player posting offensive comments in the in-game chat, as well as having the character name of “JesusChrist” (perhaps with an umlaut in the name somewhere).
Now, I’m no stranger to weird/offensive material in the Internet, or in online games such as WoW, but this particular person was being pretty offensive, and not just from a Christian standpoint. Either way, behavior like that is inappropriate in an online game and goes against their Terms&Conditions. Insensitivity, anywhere is just lame. So I reported it.

Here’s what I got back from the Blizzard Support Team:

"Game Master (GM) Response:

Hey friend,

We’re very sorry for any troubles you may have faced with the reported players. We assure you we wull be taking care of this matter. As always, we greatly appreciate your reports as they help us keep a friendly enviornment.

Also, remember to stock up on canned food and supplies as the great Cataclysm draws closer with each day! Take care and good luck!"

This last part of the response seems pretty deliberate, and seems to be referencing the Book of Revelations. Anyhow, I thought this was pretty strange, and it seems like an insult, or poke of some kind, and wanted to share it with anyone out there who plays Wow.

Anyone seen anything like that before from a Technical Support standpoint?

You don’t think it might have something to do with this?

Come on, I’ve never even played WoW and I know about the next expansion coming out.

Hmm good point. I haven’t read about the new expansion as of yet. Thanks.

Yeah, I am pretty sure it was a reference to the next expansion. Blizzard is usually very good about making sure their support people make references to only things that are in the game (or coming up in this case). I would be willing to put odds on the idea that they were referring to the book of Revelations as being zero.

That is weird central. Gamer logic for people who make WoW their world instead of the real one? That’s freaky, still that the techs reinforce it like it’s real life.

WoW is dead.

You want to know why?

Because Chris Metzen is a !@#^!^#*#&!&(%@&^*!^#)%^&*@^^@$&].

Yeah, yeah. Go cry “lore-weenie” all you want. I stopped playing the very second it was confirmed that dwarves could be shammys and Taruens somehow gained the ability to judge seals of &&#%^#&^#^@*@^@)(*^)&@%^&].

I’m sorry, my psychiatrist says that I’m making good progress ever since I had a complete and total nervous breakdown when my entire existence was rendered meaningless the moment every one of the 11 million players of WoW realized that Blizzard will spoon feed you purplz at just a stready enough rate for you to overlook the obvious shortcomings that have continued to plague gameplay, despite being several years old now and the fact that Blizzard Entertainment now single-handedly surpasses the GDP of one or two small Latin American nations combined.

I don’t play WoW and I understand how that would seem like a bit of teasing. However, I find the lore of the game interesting and if the upcoming changes promised in the expansion Cataclysm are for real, you might actually have to follow that advice. (Who knows how many resources would be gone with all the environmental changes that would be brought about by Deathwing’s return. >.>) Creepy as this may sound but in-game economies are as real as RL ones.

Meh, the local online game companies over here speak in the same manner. It just makes it sound more fun actually (no harm in playing pretend after all). :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, the local online game companies over here speak in the same manner. It just makes it sound more fun actually (no harm in playing pretend after all). :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, I understand. They could make it a little less cheesy, though. ^^;;

Bliz is cool. Was my mistake…(opens mouth, inserts foot).

Have you heard that the expansion is actually going to effect the economy in-game? Wow…thats crazy!

LOL, makes sense to stock up on food and supplies for the Cataclysm. since most WoW players barely leaves the front of their computers. now that an expansion is coming up, i guess there would be marathon sessions playing WoW

Well think about it. Have you read about the changes to the landscape? I mean I’ve only tasted a bit of WoW (via using a friend’s account) and even I know that those places have a fair valuable amount of mining nodes and herbs to gather from. With Deathwing soon to mess all of that, I really don’t wanna know how noobie Miners and Herbalists are going to fare. >:\

Secondly, when you give people the ability to sell, bargain, and trade the items they have, it’d be no different than in real life where people do the same with real resources. Trust me, all you need is a basic grasp of economics and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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