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Just as today we accept behavior that is depraved this will get added to that list. This world is in worst shape than Rome was.


Pay no attention to sensational news.


So I doubt you watch the video, Ted Talks and Tedx Talks are becoming influential. So to say pay no attention is the same as sticking you head in the sand, Over the past 60 years things that were known as a mental disorder and now become main stream and acceptable in society, We are seeing the start of the same thing with child rapist.


I haven’t watched the video ,and I’m not going to simply because I don’t want my mind further scarred .
Rather than that I will pray for the protection of children.God bless.


No. It is to refuse to let media take the lead and tell you what to pay attention to. There is a lot of disordered stuff out there, and you are not doing yourself any favors by dwelling on it, and it is not clear how you are helping others by promoting such material, and in a way you do promote it by the content you posted.

Edit: By promote, of course I do not mean that you endorse it, but only that you raise it up for all to see, when it might wither and die if left alone.

I did watch the video and was pleased that it was quite short and did not cause me to waste a lot of time. What I saw was brief video clips from two talks which sounded a bit creepy, but the video provided no context or background, so I am not sure how to assess it. Perhaps you could help the forum by providing such background.

Were these talks from a symposium specifically aimed at understanding pedophilia? You see, if TED/x put on such a series, targeting professional psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers, it might make sense for the symposium to allow talks representing a broad range of views, so that they could be heard, examined, and refuted.

The clips are so short, we cannot tell whether the speakers were speaking hypothetically, putting forth an outrageous point of view and then ripping it to shreds. Or, if the speakers truly believed what they spoke, we cannot tell whether their talks were followed afterward by questions, discussion, or other talks that rebutted their disordered viewpoint.

I do not have the time or the desire to chase down these loose ends. If you care so much about it, perhaps you could get some answers and report back to the forum on your findings.


Yet you seem to have time to tell me what to do


You go pray all you want. Priest will still be raping little boys. Praying without action does 100% of nothing, Tell you what. If you know someone with a deadly illness tell them to not go the the Dr and you will pray for them. See how long the last.


I will and do pray philipl,and have raised my children to be aware.Your anger is palpable ,but I’m not going to let the bad of what you posted about disturb me to that degree that I lash out.I wish you peace,and we will all do our best in the ways we are given to fight the yuck and the bad.
You may be in a better position than me at present to do something practical other than prayer.If you find that something out please let us know and we can act upon it.
God bless,and I know you mean very well.


The burden is on you because you are the one making accusations. Short video clips can be deceiving. I suggested that you get more background and context concerning the one-minute clips from two TEDx talks. If you are going to make serious accusations, you need to do better than this.


Have a bit more faith in the power of prayer and God’s dominion over the world. God bless you.


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