Stranger things on Netflix

I watched the first half of season 1 over the weekend, I have heard so many people say they love this show, I have to say its well done, acting is very good. I cant think of the name of the actor who plays the chief of police, Ive seen him in quite a few things recently though.

Im also not sure about whether this show is somewhat based on true events, I read online this was loosely based on the CIAs MK Ultra project, and I believe they did admit to being involved in this experiment, but I thought that all happened in the 60s/ 70s…?

I plan to finish watching season 1 tomorrow if I have time, IMO, I think the girl (eleven) and the ‘monster with no face’ are one in the same…I shall see.

I like this show! Let me know what you think of the ending. :smiley:

Looking forward to Season 2 next year.

Speaking of Netflix, have you seen Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories? I’ve seen one episode and I think it’s rather interesting.

The CIA conducted a number of experiments. Sensory deprivation was one of them.


I finished watching S1 yesterday, it was very good, and of course they put some cliffhangers in there for S2, but Im assuming since the police chief put some snacks and eggos in that little box in the woods, he is doing that for Elle, and she is likely in the upside down right now.

Did you notice though, there was actually 2 of those monsters with no face, not just one, when the young girl went thru that tree trunk into the upside down, 2 separate monsters were stalking her…Elle only killed one in the classroom, so…?

I am looking forward to S2!

In some ways, Stranger Things is highly reminiscent of a 2010 film called Beyond the Black Rainbow, which was deeply and extraordinarily creepy and unsettling, but still a very good film. The E.T. elements are a lot more obvious, but the sinister MK Ultra-esque PK stuff was lifted directly from Beyond the Black Rainbow, except that Netflix wisely toned it down, which made it a really fun and enjoyable series to watch.

It is a lot like the dean koontz book a door to December.

Great show. Very loosely based on anything real obviously. Can’t wait for season 2. I love the 1980s!!

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