Strasbourg stabbing: Jewish rabbi knifed by man shouting 'Allahu Akbar' in daylight attack


Strasbourg stabbing: Jewish rabbi knifed by man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in daylight attack

A Jewish rabbi has been stabbed by a knifeman in a sickening broad daylight attack.

The stabbing took place in the Jewish quarter of the north east French city of Strasbourg.


There is at least one terror incident every day, if anyone has noticed.


But remember, this has nothing to do with Islam, which is a religion of peace. :rolleyes:


Yes, but there hasn’t been one in the Western world in quite a while (at least, a major one). The fact that it is a rabbi who was knifed clearly points to the magic words that President Obama won’t say.

Clearly, the rabbi was doing something wrong and this man was acting in self-defense… :rolleyes:

Thoughts and prayers for the rabbi and for the apprehension of the attacker.


Excusez-moi, wasn’t Bastille Day only a month ago? How about the stabbing attacks on a train in Germany not to long after that? August 4th an American woman was killed in London during a mad stabbing attack that was more or less repeated in Belgium two days later…

The problem is we all have a short memory due to the new atrocities replacing the old. The new news makes us immune to the old. I would personally like to know more details about the 84 victims in Nice, their families, children, how they are coping or not coping. Where are their pictures and stories? On the other hand their sad stories superseded the antics in Brussels and Istambul airport, the latter not technically inside the West but straddling it and of course frequented by international travelers.


It does have something to do with Islam, and that is a distortion of Islam’s moral principles by a disturbed man who uses his religion as an excuse to commit murder.

My prayers for the rabbi and his family.


I said:

(at least, a major one)

Nothing like stabbings and shootings of individuals or small groups. They are all very tragic, but Nice, Paris (both times), all of the American ones, all of the other ones, were larger with at least 10+ dead and many injured, oftentimes many, many more.

It’s always awful, though, no matter whether someone is killed or injured, no matter where it happens. :frowning:


Thankfully the rabbi does not have serious injuries. praying he will recover fully.


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