Streaming live Vatican coverage?

does anybody know where to stream live coverage??? don’t have tv access today… has a live stream on their home page.

Just go here and a live feed should open automatically.

Bless you! I so enjoyed watching, appreciate the link…

On there is a white smoke live streaming camera that will be live for the duration!:smiley:

Thanks for this!

thanks to ALL! vatican is mostly in italian, NBC seems to be the best coverage. thanks again!

You can choose different language feeds, including English, at the Vatican site.

There is a very big development at this moment!

A BIRD is cleaning itself on top of the smokestack! I’m sure the gathered media is in a frenzy. :slight_smile:

CNN confirms it is a seagull :wink:

LOL…I’m sure that since it is white, some clever journalist is predicting that we soon will have a pope! It must be tough to fill all those hours of TV coverage, looking at a pipe on top of a roof. :wink:

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