Street corner Muslim preacher?????


I saw the oddest thing today, a bearded man dressed in a brown robe ranting on the steps of the NY Library on 41st and 5th avenue. I encountered a heated exchange between him and some Jewish men (wearing yamulkes). He was loud and vocal and animated, I naturally thought this guy was a fundementalist preacher debating about Jesus with some Jewish men. But I was surprised to find out he was Muslim, he was proseletyzing about Islam and the evils of Christianity and Judaism. He had a challenge to read the Bible, then read the Koran and tell him which one speaks of murder and violence.

Has anyone encountered anything like this before? I have never seen a street corner Muslim preacher.

I didn’t take him up on his challenge but I was tempted to trade him my New Testament for his Koran and do the same challenge.


Yes. If it is the same group, then hang around that area. They used to carry baseball bats, so I wouldn’t take what they have to say about pacifism too seriously.




Hi S.M.,

I don’t think that would have accomplished much.
If I’m not mistaken, Muslims believe our Scriptures have been corrupted.
If he did read the NT, I doubt he would have taken it seriously.

God Bless!


Haven’t actually seen what you’re talking about and saw, but…

This one time, in college, there was this Muslim student that was very evangelistic. Like, he was pretty bold in sharing his faith to Christians if they came up to him to evangelize him.

He would let us have it! From my experience, Muslims like him on secular US campuses were few and far between.

Allah no doubt wants more like him!!


Wow! What a change from the End is Near and the Throw down your chains folks that I’m used to seeing.

Actually the throw down your chains person was a misunderstanding on my part. I had to pass him several times (for several days) to finally get that he was saying Throw down your change. In other words, he wasn’t preaching, he was begging. My partner laughed and laughed over that one.


Oh yeah…you can see this all the time in NYC…expecially infront of the MC Marquies.
Also if this guy was wearing a suit and bow tie he was a Nation of Islam muslim…spewing their anti-semitic, anti-white b.s.
You can find these guys all over the place…even in the burbs of NJ:eek:

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