Street Evangelization...

Just wanted to share this useful web sight for those who feel the call to share the gospel where the rubber meets the road ( so to speak ) :slight_smile:
From the good folks at St Paul street evangelization…

Nice work! I have a Eucharist decal on the tailgate of my truck and I have to believe by law of numbers it has planted some seeds at red lights over the years. Here it is:

bump :slight_smile:

did you call in to the Conference Call last Thursday? They shared such great stories of success, as well as an encounter or two of resistance.

I have recently joined this wonderful ministry!! :bounce:

Saint Paul Street Evangelization is in need of help, financially and with more members

I was interested but never joined until my friend did and told me how great it was and we are going to start a chapter in Northern San Diego

they have an online evangelization course, with test and many apologetic courses

plus as a member you have access to** FREE**: downloadable CD’s , printable tracts for the faith, bible flash cards, business cards and more

also you have access to there store which sells miraculous medals, CDs, tracts and rosaries dirt cheap ex: 300 rosaries for $20

plus Saint Paul Street Evangelization is approved by the Church and is effective in bringing fallen away Catholics back

please consider being a member -

Please pray for this ministry - :gopray:

Did you start a team MAB? How is it going out there?

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