Street preacher outside churches

This past semester, I attended mass at this parish in a downtown area that was close to my university, and has been the target of an extreme fundamentalist street preacher. He stands outside area churches, Catholic and Protestant, while services are letting out and talking in a loud and insulting manner to get churchgoers mad. He then
uploads the videos to Youtube of people leaving church while he is spewing his nonsense at the churchgoers. Here are some sample videos, If you go on his YouTube page, he has a lot uploaded. Feel free to watch his videos, dislike them and defend the faith with comments. :thumbsup:

Fortunately, I have only seen him once and avoided him since I knew he did this, otherwise I would have been glad to debate him.

I told the pastor that he was doing this, and knew about him but not sure if he knew about the YouTube part. He said I can go to the police station (right across the street) and have him arrested if I am accosted. It is awful that he puts them online where people can be on the internet that don’t want to be, and may not be aware of it.

Sad he does this out of hate for his fellow brothers. This preacher and many like him do not really want their questions answers because hatred is in their hearts. It will not be until they themselves come to know Jesus Christ and Christ crucified that their hearts soften enough to allow truth to seep in.

Preach the Gospel to him.

The users in your area should be on the lookout for this guy and call the police immediately if he shows up. They can ask him to leave or remove him from the property for trespassing. The people attending Mass should be aware of what his up to and asked not to respond, in any. Don’t bother trying to debate this guy, that is not why he is there.

If he is on a public sidewalk, nothing police can do.

The KKK uses this loop hole to shout from megaphones occasionally around here, as long as they dont touch or harm anyone, and are on a public sidewalk, police can do nothing.

And really, why would a secular police force side with a christian church out of anyone…if anything, It may be the exact opposite, historically, its the secular authorities who try to push the churches out and/or make life hard for them.

Personally if my parish was a bit too buddy-buddy with secular authorities, I think that would have me more concerned.

If you get him arrested, he’ll just act like a victim and martyr for his followers. That’s the thing with these extreme Fundamentalist…

I wonder what would happen if you (or anyone) went up to him, shook his hand or hugged him, and said, “I’m praying for you.”

If you try it, let us know!

And I’ll start by saying a prayer for him now.

shakes head in sad disapproval Such charity-less clashing noise only serves to steer people away from his cause (which is not Christ’s).

do you think if a priest offered to sit down with him he would accept? I doubt it. doesn’t sound like he can think for himself unless he is reading from the Bible. doubt if he knows much theology.

Freeze him out.
Don’t acknowledge him, don’t look at him,
And DON"T watch his YouTube clips,
this will only build his view count
and make him feel like he has a big following.

Take away his ordinance and he will soon disappear.

Then when you see him in a café in a month or so,
smile and say good morning. :coffeeread:

If it were me, I would talk to him. I’d probably end up in a fist fight (I am NOT advocating that!).

Yo Eagle,

I just nailed him in the comments in that first link. This guy’s not very good at all.

BTW if you know her, give that young lady my props for handling him like she did. Very well done.

If you encounter him…tell him that I said his homework is to read my blog articles
The Eucharist IS Scriptural
Who REALLY Preaches “A Different Gospel”?
The Deuterocanonical Books of the Catholic Bible

I also commented on the other 3 Catholic events but left the Lutheran one alone so they can handle it.

Oh and BTW, he’s dead wrong about the author of Hebrews. No one is sure who it was but it’s not Paul’s style of writing so it wasn’t Paul.

I thought she did a good job too. I didn’t watch the Lutheran one.
the guy sounded kind of pathetic.

Great job. He isn’t very intelligent, just an annoying voice. he has a lot more videos uploaded so feel free to comment on more of them!!

I agree. If everyone did this, it wouldn’t make for many YouTube followers. :thumbsup: It might sink in to the hate in his heart.

I go to rosary rallies at Planned Parenthood Death Mills. When people get in my face and attack me, I simply look them in the eyes, smile at them and tell them that I will pray for them. Showing them sincerity and love takes the fight right out of them, and usually touches their soul. Most turn around and leave.

If you engage them, you give them what they want. If you show them sincere love, they don’t know how to handle it. It plants the seed, because they never forget the encounter since it is shocking to them. :thumbsup:

He must delete comments, because I went over to see and there were no comments for the video.

Stopped listening the first video when he told that nice lady “Read Hebrews, that’s your homework assignment”.

Not only is he ignorant but he’s also acting like a jerk, being condescending.

Waste of time dealing with people like him. Call the cops.


Yeah, I expected as much. A lot of these a-Cs will do that because their stuff can’t hold up when you offer the historical facts and scriptures.

Obviously he wasn’t willing to do his own homework.

Pretty lame.

He acts like none of us read the Bible or know it and that’s complete bunk, as you all know.

They expect us not to be able to respond and they either get really angry or give up when we prove otherwise. They often will not question their sources and almost all are Sola Scriptura and never question that doctrine even though you cannot find anywhere in the Bible where it makes claim to any such authority.

We’ve talked about that before. Just for the record…
It’s NOT in the Bible, okay?
It’s NOT in the Bible, okay? (Part II)
“If anyone teaches/preaches something that is not in scripture”
since the Bible is the Word of God it is all we need…
Does the Bible teach that everything that we belie…

That’s just how it is.

Notice this guy never says what church he attends and there is some inference in his discussions that he lives outdoors…sort of homeless sounding. I don’t get that. :shrug:

Anyway, one of the weakest aspects of his arguments is that he takes his case from a Catholic dictionary…not even a Catechism, so he uses no authoritative source. I kinda doubt he’d use the catechism because of all the big words and (worse yet) all the scripture citations!

My blog article (which I actually linked in my responses) essentially blows away his argument against the “unbloody sacrifice”. Feel free to print it out and give it to him if you ever see him again.:smiley: Tell him I send it with Jesus’ love.
The Eucharist IS Scriptural

Oh hey…I just checked and he hasn’t deleted my comments. I did have to sign in to my YT account to see them though.

Remember that our responses aren’t just for him or any individual a-C but for all who may see them.

Here is his youtube page

He may be homeless because he rides around on his bike and sometimes posts videos of being in a tent a lot and calls them the “gospel woods”. Regardless, he knows the bible but nothing about it, such as where it came from. If you look at his vidoes, he spells it byble, if he is such an expert he should at least know how to spell it!! It is absurd that he thinks he can interpret it perfectly infallible, but the church which gave us the bible is completely wrong. He is extremely ignorant and should get a job already!!

It would be great to see Scott Hahn, Tim Staples or Steve Ray encounter him, he would feel so helpless he probably wouldn’t come back. :smiley:

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