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I have always been curious about asking this and waited to post this topic. Because I didnt know what to say so I had to pray for clarification on what to say. I have in the last few years been drawn to preaching with my fellow evangelical christian brothers and sisters on the streets. I share the gospel with the people who walk by and at times have conversations with a few of them. When I get asked what church I go to I always tell them my home is the Roman Catholic church. I feel great being out on the streets shareing God’s love and his word with the people. But I wonder am I over stepping my boundaries? I dont want to go against the church so is it wrong for me to be street preaching with my evangelical christian friends?

Many Blessings

What do you want to achieve with that?

If you enjoy it I think it is terrific. What could be better than telling people God loves them?

You might also want to check out the Legion of Mary. They do various things to directly spread the Catholic faith, like they sometimes go door to door in a neighborhood, and sometimes offer Catholic books and pamphlets in public places where large numbers of people can have access to learning about the Catholic faith.

My only concern is that you aren’t sending any mixed messages. Are you involved with a ministry with evangelical christians? It sounds like everything is fine as long as you aren’t possibly leading Catholics towards evangelical protestantism. Just make sure you preach the truths of the Church.

But yeah, the Church has no problem with street preaching. And, if you want more information about it, it’s never a bad idea to talk to a priest. He’ll know if there are any parish groups that might do similar stuff. Heck… if there aren’t any maybe you could start a group for Catholics to preach in your parish!

[quote=Pfaffenhoffen] What do you want to achieve with that?

Probably to save souls for the Kingdom of God, and to build up the Church.

I just want to save souls and give them the opertunity to hear what I have to say. Its up to them if they take to heart what I say. I am out there to show love to those who feel lost and offer comfort to them. I love the people and if I get to share my love of christ and his church. Then I am happy that God has come into their lives and thats all I want to do. I know this God’s calling for me in my life cause I’m drawn to his people. I may be 25 almost 26years old but God has called me to this and I will obey his will.

This seems to contradict the very reason you started this thread; a seemingly genuine desire to determine whether or not what you are doing is right.

I didnt ment to do that I couldn’t figure out how to reply to the question. I am sorry if I have confused anyone but I am going to ask my parish priest about this. I do thank everyone who has replied to this thread.

God bless. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a zeal for God. What is it they say “the joy of the Lord is our strength.” and then “If you are reproached for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the spirit of glory and of God rests upon you.” The naysayers and nitpickers will be missing out on those graces so good for you. :thumbsup:

Also get the Catholic Evidence Guild Training Outlines by Frank Sheed. He helps break down the doctrines of the Church and some of the various questions you might encounter from street preaching.

Do you think the street is the best place to convey your message.
I would be alergic to it for it would make me feel guilty as if I should listen to a message that I have no duty to listen to.
And with 10 street preachers each one preaching diverse teachings, whom to listen to?

Suppose that a downpour is falling and there is a snowstorm?
What are Churches for?

You may well never know if you achieve that you save a soul. Whatever you might mean by saving a soul…

But I really do feel there aren’t enough people out in the streets sharing the Good News. After all when you think about it - that is precisely what Jesus did. He was out there sharing good news with crowds. Somehow we get nervous about that.

You can always detect a Jehova Witness or be it that they are Morman by their suits a mile off. How can others detect we are Christian? Simply they can’t because even the crucifix has become a fashion accessory by non christians as such. There is nothing where people can guess that we believe in God. That is one of the reasons why people turn to priests and members of Holy Orders. They are visible to everyone…

But truelly if you feel it is right and your own priest knows what you are doing and is okay about it then go for it. There aren’t enough out there on the streets proclaiming the good news in a way that reaches the people. they know they can come to church but does the church ever go to them and meet them there…

Peace be with you

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