Strength in faith

Hello, I don’t know if this is in the right section but I need advice.

I’ve always had a problem with being afraid to show my faith. When I’m with others I can go all out but when I’m vulnerable and alone, I get so afraid. It’s usually not so much with my friends but it’s with family that really matters. It’s because you are always going to be with them. Anyway, my family and I always go with my sisters family for vacation every summer and every summer I always miss mass on the Sunday of vacation. I don’t know why I do, I feel like I need to be up to their standards and drink and do nothing with them (but I dot want to). I really desire to go to mass but I just can’t build up the courage to ask in front of them. I’m 17 so I can’t just do whatever. I don’t have my own car. It just drives me crazy because if I love God with all my heart and I’m truly obedient to his Church, why do I fear rejection and humility. Is there anyway to overcome this? I just can’t. But I feel as if I’m an adult I could because they can’t stop me or reject me then I could or if I had a religious calling or occupation one day then I could but not just how I am now.

Thank you

It was the same with me, I had a terrible time trying
to convince esp. my mom and dad that I fear God
more than losing their favor. The best thing you can
do is to MAKE UP YOUR MIND to fear God, and
THEN it will be easier to live it out!!!

Pray to the Holy Spirit to give you the fortitude to express your desire to attend Mass.

Also, include in your prayer, that some one will have to desire to go with you.
This might not happen this time around, but others will be thinking about it long after
vacation is over and they saw you go to Mass.


God Bless you and others like you who feel the need to be closer to God! This is God working through you and I suggest you don’t let it pass. Yes, you may not have support from you biological family but you have your family in the Catholic Church. If you call the parish nearest to where you are staying and explain your situation, you might find someone who can pick you up and drop you off for Mass. The pressure you feel to conform to your family’s behavior is psychological and you know where that type of behavior leads. Be the man God meant you to be and be resolved that most of Jesus’s
Apostles died for their faith. Pray that you and I won’t be put to the test but be ready for haters in our lifetimes, even among our family. Have a Blessed Day.

The thing is, I know my mother knows. I mean we both go together at home and she knows that missing mass is bad. I’m not judging her but it makes me upset that she doesn’t want to go to mass especially when I want to. I have a car at home so I go whenever but it’s not the same.

Then your example while on vacation will help her.


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