Stress Management


PP said it and you probably don’t need more bad news but Stress Raises Blood Sugar–please get checked today for diabetes

work on changing what can be changed, starting w/your job. DH and I resolved 15 yrs ago never again to work at a job–paid or volunteer–we hate. We choose the place, the people, the work, with pay as a secondary issue. We also plan to move on every few years and try a new place, new people, new home. working out so far.


diabetes = negative.

Normal blood glucose, no sugar on urine dipstick.



My wife just started karate classes. She loves it. She played tennis in high school, but other than that she is a non-athlete. She started this and has kept up with it better than gym memberships. It is something that helps her burn energy, but more importantly it is one of the few things that she get to do all by herself and for herself. She has also ended he reign on the Pastoral Council recently.

Do more stuff just for yourself.


Hi Cat;

Things that help stress–and one can see differences almost immediately:

  1. exercise…I have found that I’m so focused on completing the weight reps, or counting the laps around a track, that my ‘worries’ seem to dissipate.

  2. Praying the Rosary daily…often with soft, meditative music in the background.

  3. Reading a good book–not one that has too much suspense, etc…

  4. Drinking a glass of red wine per day–I don’t do this, but I drink maybe one or two weekly–biweekly. If you’re having migraines, it might trigger more, so might wanna think about that–but this can lower BP.

  5. Go into your bedroom…shut to the door…for 15 minutes…just breathe deeply…like watch your stomach rise and fall (not your chest) This is in Dr Weil’s book…about breathing. We often breathe very shallow all day, without noticing, and this will refocus your breaths and help you to focus away from your stress.

  6. Buy a punching bag…and hang it in your basement, and take out your frustrations on that. My dh does this sometimes–plus it’s great exercise.

  7. I know that you say you’re being overweight has never been an issue for you, but if a person has been carrying around excess weight for years (not sure if you have or not), it can impact his/her joints, feet, etc…so while it might never have been an issue in the past foryou, the problems that often stem from being overweight, can slowly be creeping up at this stage. Just a thought. Even dropping 10% of your body weight, can lower your BP, and help with your management of stress.

  8. A nice cup of warm soy milk (light chocolate is my fave) per night…(not right after the wine though lol that might cause your stomach aches to get worse!):stuck_out_tongue:

  9. Ask your doc about a good vitamin B complex. I take a blue green algae supp, and while it is packed with B’s, and give me energy, B’s are also known for stabilizing one’s nervous system.

I hope these tips help…and hope you find your groove as it relates to lowering your stress. (((hugs)))


I appreciate everyone’s caring advice.

I WISH I could find exercise relaxing, but I don’t. :frowning:

I’ve been a member of a gym for three years now, and I’ve been fairly faithful about going 2-3 times/week (although I confess I haven’t been in a month now–just can’t do it anymore).

It really just adds more stress. I have to get dressed, go workout, then come home, shower, change. I HAVE to shower, because I am usually dripping wet after a workout.

And it hurts. My knee and foot are sometimes so stiff that I can’t even put weight on it.


I do elliptical (the only aerobic exercse other than swimming that my doctors have OKed, due to my knee joint–biking and walking out O-U-T out) and light weights. A little stretching, but not much. So it’s not like I’m doing a triathelon here!

But this “relaxing” exercise ends up adding about an hour and a half to my already busy evening. By the time I finish it, it’s time for dinner, and then I’ve had no time at all to “relax.”

As for swimming, forget it. I can’t SEE without my glasses, and I do not find it relaxing to be unable to see.

I’m sorry, pals, but exercise it not relaxing or pleasant for me. I think I’ll do better to consider exercise a “trial” that I must do to remain alive rather than trying to pretend that I enjoy it. I really, really hate it. Sorry. Sorry.


By the way, everyone, I don’t drink alcohol at all. If I did, I would be on skid row within a month. No one in my family drinks, except for two people, and they were alcoholics and ended up dead of alcohol-related diseases. Sorry. It’s just not a wise decision for me to start drinking alcohol. (If you’ve seen some of my other posts in other threads, you’ll know that Cat is the Carrie Nation of CAF!


OK - can you resign some of your community activities that are stressing you out? You said you were involved with several that you have not started yet. As difficult as it is, can you give these up?


Wear headphones or foam earplugs at work. Noise is a real stressor, and a fatigue producer.

Two things that de-stress me:

  1. Spending a Holy Hour with the Blessed Sacrament.

  2. Spending half an hour or so at a shooting range. Don’t ask me why… I’m not blowing off steam, just target shooting.

I went through menopause a couple of years ago, and now my blood pressure is finally back to normal, and I’m finally losing some weight.

I still need to exercise more, though; don’t stop exercising. How about changing your workout to something more enjoyable? Any bike paths near you? Power walking? Rollerblading? Horseback riding?

Praying for you,



i 'm under the stress still
i need help 2:crying:


I hear ya (except for the drinking part. Me and Sam Adams are on a first-name basis). :stuck_out_tongue:

I too LOATHE AND DESPISE exercise. But I’ve gotten to the point where my body feels like someone poured plaster in it, then lit the stuff on fire.

My story is much like yours. I got a free ride for many years, now I can’t sleep, can’t move, and, well, won’t bore you with the rest, apart from the fact that I couldn’t write a single word for three long, dry, barren years.

Sometimes the Rosary helps alleviate stress. But to be truthful, all sorts of well-meaning advice about ‘imaging yourself in a happy place,’ or deep breathing, or self-help relaxation tapes----they don’t work for me.

Drinking does, temporarily, but that’s not for you. Maybe a LOW-level relaxation pill might, but maybe not.

I think all this stuff has more to do with the age we’ve hit than anything else. And I don’t know what else to do but to do what you’ve already done and make sure you are still physically healthy. :hug1:


Sorry, Ruthie. Because of a bad foot and knee, pretty much all exercise is off limits for me except elliptical and swimming, and I’m not a swimmer. I’m not even supposed to walk, and when I do walk, I hurt after just a few hundred yards. (e.g., walking through a Mall to a department store). Basically, I’m supposed to avoid exercises that put weight on my knee. We’re trying to hold out on a replacement until I’m at least in my 60s (I’m 51 now), or until they perfect a knee replacement for younger people. (It was nice hearing the orthopedic doctor call me “younger!”).

At least there are TV sets in front of our ellipticals. And I like to read magazines while I work out. I’ve tried doing the Rosary, too, and it’s pretty good–the max. time I can do on the elliptical before it has a negative effect (hurts the foot and knee) is 20 minutes, which is Rosary-Time!


good news indeed
I agree with those who advise doing something for yourself, whether it is karate, swimming, or a manicure, every week

I could not swim if I fell out of a boat, but I spend 1/2 hour in the pool (fortunately warm this time of year) every day just walking or “cross country skiing” motion, and moving if it is a bad day, or doing seniors aquasize on a good day. cannot take treadmill, bike or other machines. have not been swimming for a month, tho, as the pool was not cleaned after the hurricane until last week, and we have had thunderstorms every evening. one is starting now after I just put on my suit. I stopped walking on the pavement and walk with friends on the HS track because it is that material made from old tires, much easier on the feet and knees.


I tried editing my post, Cat, but I wuz 2 late. :smiley:

But when all else fails, lie fallow.


Cat, why not inquire at your optometrist’s about getting prescription swimming goggles?



Hi Cat:) --why didn’t I think of this when I posted…how about Pilates, or yoga? Yoga is not about eastern mysticism (unless one lets it be)…I have done yoga off and on for most of my adult life, and it’s an amazing stress reliever…and it helps you become more limber, flexible…just overall, can boost your well being. Just a thought.

I didn’t realize all that about your knees, etc (sorry for my suggestions then:o )…I took a nasty spill years ago in high heels…and hit the ground hard…my one knee acts up on occasion. I love to jog, but had to give it up over the past year or so due to having heel spurs. It’s like…come on, every time I get back into something, another body part fails. lol But, my foot is nearly healed, and I’m bouncing back into jogging. But, I know that many exercises can be jarring…so, maybe yoga and pilates would be winners for you??


Cat, I can’t see without my glasses either so they go in the pool with me! I swim with them on, I do water aerobics with them on - no way am I going to try and do any of that without them!

As for bad knees, I just had knee surgery in May and am just getting back to Jazzercies - specific types of classes with my Drs. permission. There are three of us who have had joint surgeries recently, two had hip replacements and then me with my miniscus tears! We are all slowly healing and slowly getting back to our exercise routines. My dr. has also said, water, eliptical, bike - pretty much in that order.

Sounds like you need to find an exercise that you enjoy - see my above statement, I was so happy to get back to Jazzercise! I do the pool when I don’t have a rash on my leg (poison ivy type rash from brushing up against a non noxious bush!) Any way, yes, exercise is good, have you thought about getting an eliptical for home and dropping your gym membership? Then you can do that while watching the morning news before you even get dressed in the morning - shower afterwards!

Oh, and I don’t have any help for stress relief other than to start eliminating activities from your life. My own BP has gotten high so I must take drugs for it. I am very peri-menopausal too. So I am a sister with you in this time of life (we are not much more than 1 year different in age)

Brenda V.


[quote=Sailor Kenshin] I too LOATHE AND DESPISE exercise. But I’ve gotten to the point where my body feels like someone poured plaster in it, then lit the stuff on fire.

Good to hear I am not alone loathing and despising most forms of exercise. I know exercise is necessary but especially in winter I find it very difficult to get motivated (I enjoy swimming (in the sea) and walking).

Also I have to keep in control the voice in my head that tells me that I should be doing something more important than exercise - and then I start arguing with the voice!!!

[quote=] My story is much like yours. I got a free ride for many years, now I can’t sleep, can’t move, and, well, won’t bore you with the rest, apart from the fact that I couldn’t write a single word for three long, dry, barren years…

Oh, yes. And it’s so easy to try and fight the situation instead of adapting to it.

[quote=] … But to be truthful, all sorts of well-meaning advice about ‘imaging yourself in a happy place,’ or deep breathing, or self-help relaxation tapes----they don’t work for me…

I only have limited sucess with these. Not surprising as I start to feel guilty that I need to do this imagining and I keep thinking I’m not doing this properly.

But I do like to read other peole’s suggestions because every so often there’s one I haven’t thought off.

[quote=]I think all this stuff has more to do with the age we’ve hit than anything else.

So do I. But at times its hard to accept especially when you look at people the same age and age doesn’t seem to be affecting them. But maybe it is for some of them. Maybe they are thinking how well we are ageing??!!??


Along the lines of yoga is tai chi. An ancient martial art that is non-contact and slow. It is all about balance - mental and physical.


True, true! You never know what’s going on inside—and I must say I still look pretty darn good on the outside, so people tend to view my complaints as :confused: ‘Huh? But you look just fine!’


Both are home exercises you do only sitting down (therefore no real impact on knees and ankles). Then you can take the money you save from the gym membership, purchase the dumbbells you need and save all that money in the long run


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