Stress Mess: 3 in 5 Millennials Say Life More Stressful Than Ever Before

Its a personal choice, if they wish to allow the technology to be stressors rather than aids.

I agree - much more stress. Not much choice in avoiding the technology - much is used for games and social communication but most is now required for financial transactions, health records, education, elections, government access to records, taxes, etc., etc.

When the technology fails - phones, computers, laptops, notebooks, cameras, security, electronically dependent defense, etc., etc. - it defeats instantly the individual’s efforts.

So the Millennials have got it right on this life lesson!

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That’s not good to hear for several reasons. I was just reading about stress and it’s link to heart attacks. Overall I tend to agree in that social media use or the internet can be somewhat stressful to me. At least that has been my feeling toward it, though I’m not a millennial.

The article I read on stress/strain and heart attacks can be seen here ~

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Recently I heard someone (probably Dr. Ray, but I’ve not slept enough to be reliable) describe the stressors on modern parents and modern people in general coming in part from our living in a microwave culture. The concept that good things take time has been circumvented by the immediacy of our technology. Before electricity, people may have worked hard from dark until dark, but at some point it stops and you rest. That isn’t the case now.

Each generation will have its own new kinds of stress and only time will tell what it does to our bodies, families and societies.

Washing dishes made the Top 20 Stressors list?

Wow. That’s pathetic.

That’s why you have kids, BTW–to make them wash the dishes! Boys, too!

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They worked from Dawn until Dust and died at age 60.


Here are the top 20 stressful scenarios reported by millennials:

  1. Losing wallet/credit card
  2. Arguing with partner
  3. Commute/traffic delays
  4. Losing phone
  5. Arriving late to work
  6. Slow WiFi
  7. Phone battery dying
  8. Forgetting passwords
  9. Credit card fraud
  10. Forgetting phone charger
  11. Losing/misplacing keys
  12. Paying bills
  13. Job interviews
  14. Phone screen breaking
  15. Credit card bills
  16. Check engine light coming on
  17. School loan payments
  18. Job security
  19. Choosing what to wear
  20. Washing dishes

It’s interesting that “health and fitness” was not on that stress list.

Every millennial I know (I work with a lot of them) is obsessed with health and fitness, and they carry their water bottle around and never drink soda (but they drink craft beers and lots of wine!), and when someone brings a sweet treat, they nibble on a tiny mouthful of it and they don’t eat bread or many carbs at all, and they work out every night (cross-training)–I would think the stress would kill them!

Interestingly, in the last few weeks, several stories have come out linking low-carb diets with A-fib. The connection isn’t understood yet, and perhaps a causative link will not be found.

There are so many contradictory food guidelines!

It’s no wonder so many of us baby boomers have pretty much given up on “healthy eating.” Lately, I’ve just been trying to eat less and not snack between meals, but not cut any food out. I haven’t lost any weight–I think my body has basically shut down when it comes to losing weight. Sigh.

But it does seem that the little things that would make me cuss a little make the millennials have a complete melt down.

This survey was done by a CBD oil company , hemp oil products so we need to know more about the number of choices. Still it would not surprise if other choices were there and not checked.

I see millennials being big on environment issues such as using no chemicals in cleaning or on body although that does not apply to their bodies because most are on the pill.

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That does seem strange–no chemicals, but the Pill is ok.

Actually, as a lab tech, I can attest that pretty much everything is made out of “chemicals.”

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Thanks for the link. I also have started spending a bit of time lately playing online games. They were a bit fun at the start but to continue they are needing too much time and so it’s not fun any more. Still there is an attraction to keep playing because all of the ‘work’ you’ve put in. I have spent a lot of time lately with teenagers and they are very much playing on their phones and i picked up the bad habit which i intend to give up. It’s Lent after all. :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a lot of concerns on staying connected. If i ever became an evil person and wanted to cause as much stress as possible it sounds like all I would need was a cell phone jammer.

It makes me feel like me being born and maturing before connectivity was a thing that there is some advantage I have.

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None are stressing about global warming, courtship, marriage, or children? Or saving for retirement?

  • Yes
  • Don’t Have One
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

I like the heat.

Hmmm… Maybe one day :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ll never be able to retire…


You don’t say? :man_scientist:t2:

Would it be a hijacking of this thread to ask people to post their top stressful situations along with their approximate age or classification (e.g., Baby Boomer, Gen X, etc.0)?

Or should I start a new thread, perhaps in the casual section of CAF?

For me (in my early 60s), the list would be topped by “Loneliness/Lack of Friends,” followed closely by “Health Issues, Elderly Parents Declining, Violent Crime in My City, and Debts/Retirement.” I can’t imagine getting stressed over my phone or WIFI or even traffic snarls. And certainly not dishes!

Different ages/times, I guess.

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My greatest stressor is forgetting to offer up things that stress me out.



Why is understanding health insurance/ calling the insurance company not on the list? I had an actual panic attack about it once, buy usually it would just keep me up at night.

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