I asked Father Vincent Serpa and a Seminarian I know if Seminary is unbelievably hard, and thankfully, both said no. They said all it took was average intelligence, and the Seminarian even told me that the Diocese would take a holy priest over a smart one any day. However, I asked another Seminarian how hard it was on Phatmass, and his response definitely wasn't comforting:

"it is unbelievably hard. but believe it or not, if your grades are too high (unless you know they are insanely smart) it is actually a bad thing because they assume that youre letting the other four pillars slip (thatd be 1 spiritual. 2 pastoral. 3 human. 4 academic). it is so challenging because of time. every weekend, youre required to do something, it really is insane. youve got automatically prayer, mass and class on weekdays and on weekends youve got conferences galore, and every week you have pastoral assignments to do. it is insane, but i love it because this is where the Lord wants me. "

I'm very stressed about this now, and I'm worried I won't make a week. I'm relying on Saint John Vianney's intercession more and more as the days go by. I'm not particularly stupid, but I'm not particularly smart, either. What should I do? I've been home schooled all my life, and have never been in a classroom with a regimented time of when you must get something done and so forth, and I'm afraid that the transition might be too much for me. Any input from a Seminarian, ex-Seminarian, or especially a Priest would be of great help.


I think if it's really your vocation (to be a priest) you'll find a way to do everything that it requires.

God bless you-your in my prayers.


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