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I have started a new job & it is stressful beyond belief! I have worked there a week & have cried everyday. I have been with the company for 5 years, but switched departments because I need a different shift… We could really use the income, so quitting doesnt feel like an option right now.

With this job It is nearly impossible to learn anything. There is no time to absorb any of the information I’m learning. During the day it is one interruption after another. Its just the two of us in the front office, so its very challenging. The woman training me basically let me on my own Friday & then when I made a mistake, she was quick to tell everyone that it was not her fault. I was like gesh thanks for the support. She is very controlling! She micromanages everything!

The nature of the job is stressful in itself & being pregnant is making this transition that much more stressful!

I seriously dont know if this job is for me I want to tell the manager that Im quitting so bad! The job does
not feel like a good fit already… The last few people they have hired quit either during training or shortly after.

On Friday one of the employees knew I had excused myself to go cry. She was very supportive & told me not to give up yet. Here it is Sunday night & Im dreading tomorrow.



I am so sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed by the situation at work. Certainly being pregnant while going through all this can’t be helping. Hormones are pretty powerful while you’re pregnant.

Have you tried increasing the amount of time you put into prayer each day? Prayer is the ony way of truly recharging your batteries when things start to get overwhelming.

I’ll keep you in prayer.

God Bless,



Katesmom, I’ll offer my next Rosary for you – you have a really rough go of it! I know that I get sick of hearing it, too, but this won’t last forever. The baby will come out and grow up, and you will one day be the “old hand” in your department. Hopefully, a nicer “old hand” than the one who is training you! :slight_smile:

In the meanwhile, maybe it would help to keep your mind off of your job at all costs when you are home (with reading, TV, crafts, etc.) and try to get good rest.

God bless you!



In fifty eight days you will experience another miracle. Focus on that and put things in perspective. If this job continues to consume you then it is definitely time for a change. Life is too short and precious to occupy ourselves with such stress. I’ve been there more than once and being the main bread-winner I know how hard it can be. Like my mom always says, " And this too shall pass." Someone else may have said that also…:wink: You are in my Monday morning prayers…God Bless:)


**When my job gets stressful, I do two things…One pray, and two i take a 2-5 minute break and go outside and walk to get some fresh air…

If your having problems with learning the job is there a manual you could perhaps read? i do better that way instead of someone sitting over my shoulder watching…

Organize your day, I love Post it notes!!!And the fine line different colored sharpies have worked wonders for me:)**



Go to your boss and be honest with him/her. Tell them you need more training, and a ramp up period of responsibility. That with everything flying at you and so many interruptions you are unable to do all the responsibilities and are making mistakes. Also tell your boss that your co-worker is snapping at you and airing your mistakes for the office to see, and ask that it stop.

You’ve only been on the new job a week, and it is unreasonable to expect you to have trained sufficiently in this time.

I am guessing your office also lacks a training manual or any sort of procedure guide that would assist you. You have to stand up and ask for these things. It is your manager’s responsibility to see that you are trained, and if they are not willing to make it happend-- then yes, you are right, you are in the wrong department. Employees without any support cannot thrive.


You’ll be in my prayers.

I understand stress on the job. Try to take a deep breath and know that things probably aren’t as bad as they seem. It takes time to become fully trained on a new job… and if your trainer isn’t the best teacher then you can’t be at fault for that. Give it a little time to allow everything to settle in… and who knows!?! Maybe one day you’ll be teaching HER something new!
Don’t forget… you’re pregnant. You have the best excuse in the world to get stressed out in new situations… so remind yourself that it’s not your abilities or skills… it’s your hormones… and you’re probably doing a much better job than you think. :slight_smile:

You’ll be in my prayers today… :slight_smile:


Hi katesmom!

I just left my job after returning from my third maternity leave. My third pregnancy was the worst while at work. I had a very similar situation with my “boss.” I stuck it out for the whole pregnancy and returned to work so I wouldn’t have to repay my health insurance premiums to the company. When my “boss” first saw me when I returned, she didn’t say “hi” or “welcome back.” She just piled a ton of work on me and gave me a list of “responsibilities” that I was already doing. That was my final sign that it was time to go.

To cope with the stress. I offered up my emotional pain for her and prayed for her specifically. I will keep you in my prayers. All will work out. The best part of it all is that first time you will get to hold that precious little miracle. It definitely makes all of that suffering worthwhile!

God bless you and persevere!



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