Stressing before you leave, scruples


Do some of you do that too?
Before you go on a trip or something like that. Especially if it is something you really look forward to.
My brain likes to find things to stress about: “Oh, I forgot to visit this person, oh I have never gotten back to that person…” And right now also: When I visited a woman at the hospital (who has now passed on, God bless her soul) there was another lady in the room who I think was lonely too and should I take the responsibility for her too…) of course I remember that a short time before I leave.
Is that just scrupulous? What do you do with thoughts like this? How much responsibility to take?
Is it just my fault because I didn’t manage my time well? Or am I trying to take on too much?



I think you’re putting an awful lot of pressure on yourself.

Do what you can–but don’t feel bad that you can’t rescue every cat, save every soul, prevent every problem, or comfort every individual that crosses your path.

The impulse is noble, but it can lead to getting tied up in knots over what’s left undone instead of being grateful for all the good that you are able to do.


Hi Kathrin. Yes, I think you’re taking on too much… dear soul. Try to relax, and realize… that Our good Lord is not sitting above, judging your every action and decision… waiting to pounce on you. :nope:

Rather, I think it would please Him greatly… if you do whatever acts of charity you CAN… while still maintaining the responsibilities of your life (your job, family… or whatever; and yes, that does include taking care of yourself… getting enough rest, etc.); and don’t feel guilty about it.

I once heard someone say… “We are not all called to be another Mother Teresa of Calcutta”. To me, this simply meant… that each of us has different life circumstances, different talents and different charisms from the Holy Spirit. Some of us are called to be “Great Saints”… as with Mother Teresa; while others are called to be “Little Saints”.

Have you read the autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux? “The Story of a Soul”. It might help you in your struggle with scruples… as St. Therese suffered from them, too. God bless you Kathrin.

“To show great love for God and our neighbor we need not do great things. It is how much we put in the doing, that makes our offering something beautiful for God.” Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta


Thank you for the replies. Also for suggesting the autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux. No I don’t think I have read it yet.



I can definitely relate to you. I have issues with letting go of things and the concept of what is sin and what is not. I’m sure that the intercession of Saint Ignatius of Loyola would be of some comfort. He’s the patron saint of scruples.


Well, I am leaving tomorrow and since Saturday evening I am fighting a cold, maybe a blessing from God so I HAVE TO take it easier? I hope I’ll be ok tomorrow since we’re camping… well, God always knows what He’s doing.

I also didn’t go to church yesterday since I already went on Saturday evening… I slept long and I also think if it doesn’t need to be if you got something contageous maybe better not go to a church service? I am used to going almost every day though, and since I won’t get to go tomorrow because I’ll be travelling I thought of at least going tonight, but I think it may not be a good idea.

Maybe I shouldn’t go to the city at all today, just get the things I need in the smaller town where I live…

Here’s another thing I have been struggling with: There is this guy at the train station, he often sits there begging, he is disabled and I think he lives in a home somewhere. He drinks a lot of beer unfortunately. :frowning: Still sometimes I would buy him something to eat because he comes up to me and says he is hungry.
I did tell him where to go get free food - they have a place at the station where they hand out sandwiches, rolls, stuff like that. I have taken him there before and introduced him to somebody who works there.
I am afraid he might not go by himself though.
I am not sure.
Is it ok to let him take responsibility for himself and not check on him today again, if he might need something to eat?
Yesterday I took him to a store and bought him something sweet (he wanted that). My friend said it wasn’t good because he drinks and that’s his own choice, if he spends the money he has on beer and not food.
I told him I am leaving and not to wait for me.
I am tempted to go today and see but maybe I should let it be especially since I am a bit sick myself? What would you say?


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