Stretching you ears

We are having some slight problems at home. My younger sibling who is still underage and in school, began stretching her ears. That is when you put earrings, or whatever they called, that are bigger then your normal earring in your ears. This is not about other people if they may have them or not, the problem is is that she does not listen to my mother about taking them out. They are not too big, about a little smaller than my pinky. But my mother has spoken with her, and pleaded for her to take them out. She just does not listen. She says she likes them and that she will not take them out. (16 year old)

My mother does not want to tell my father because he will “flip”. My father does NOT hit us or anything, but he will get veeeerrrrrrry angry. And I know he will blame my mother for knowing she has those in and “not doing anything/ not enforcing rules on us”. My mother does, but she is much more calmer than my father. After telling my sister this, she still does not want to take them out. My mother even took her phone away, and she is till holding out. She just doesn’t listen to us and is disobeying my mother. ughhh. I hate seeing my mom upset because she does not obey her.

Please pray for this problem to resolve.

Ugh, gauged ears are so disgusting, even if they are just small gauges.

How has your dad managed to not notice? Why isn’t your mother laying down the law on this one? Why would your dad blame your mom? Why aren’t they presenting a united front on this one instead of her being afraid of him finding out and him blaming her for the kids’ mistakes?

She has really long hair, you can’t see them. Oh trust me she is. My mother is going to talk to him.

I am a fan of tattoos and piercings and used to work at a shop that does this. However I am much more conservative now however I have never liked stretched ears. I had a girlfriend once that had gauged ears and she was the only person I ever tolerated my dislike for the trend with. I mean I usually keep my opinion to myself but I simply do not like it. A little rebellion is a natural part of growing up and this is probably what is fueling your sister. Try and not let it upset you too much I mean you guys are still family. You haven’t given us enough details for me to respond effectively but I agree with the poster who wrote your parents should be united with disciplinary action. Besides not to be rude but your sis is underage and though it still happens I don’t think any major body mod is okay until you are no longer a minor and perhaps even later depending on level of maturity. Try not to get too involved but talk to your parents and don’t make this personal vendetta against your sis. Discretion is the better part of valor. If she refuses to change vehemently all you can do is look past it. Hope this helps and apologize for anny error as I’m on my phone.

No no personal vendetta, we all get a long. She just does not obey my mom on this, which makes my mom upset.

Also not to scare you but taking them out does not always solve this as sometimes corrective cosmetic surgery is required.

Yes I know, some even get it sticthed up I have heard. But she claims to know about it, and about it not getting infected which it did once

Well it seems your mom is trying I mean she took away her phone which is a good start. I mean most kids are doomed these days without their phone. Maybe a grounding or gutter loss of priveliges is in order. I still think you mom should talk to your father. Still try to focus on your priorities and your duties without this disruption getting in the way.

Medical tape and disinfectant I hear is a place to start but not sure. Though this is usually more for people that intend on keeping it. Not sure about it reverting to normal. you can find more about this online as I am more familiar whith tattoos.

tried psychology?

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