Strip Club Stimulus?

When it comes to analyzing the current conditions of the United States’ economy, experts typically form their opinions from statistics relating to foreclosures, unemployment, or the number of businesses opening and closing in a given area.

But in Las Vegas, there’s another economic indicator that’s, well, unique to the city of Sin: spending at strip clubs.

“Every customer that used to come in, they used to spend maybe $200 or $300,” said Gary Nemeth, who has served as the general manager of Little Darlings Las Vegas Strip Club since 2009. “Now maybe they’ll spend $80 to $100, they’re just watching what they spend.”

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It’s forced clubs to get more creative when it comes to marketing their brand. At Little Darlings, Nemeth and his marketing team provide a different theme for each night. One of those nights is “Military Night Sundays,” where admission and drinks are free for military personnel.

“Just out of appreciation for the (military), we let them all come in for free on a Sunday night,” said Nemeth.
The club also holds an “appreciation night” for attractive grandmothers who strut their stuff on stage.

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I like the last line. Makes me think: Show us some “stimulus,” Mr. O!!

Maybe these strip clubs should move to this White House where they’ll make more money with a clientèle always ready to STRIP this country from its historical identity and STRIP and PROSTITUTE themselves in the name of America to the rest of the world.

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