‘Stripped of basic human dignity’: Inside El Salvador’s prisons

Photo essay, sad. Lots of people in the world live in prisons, overcrowded. Some shouldn’t be in prison and nobody should be living like this.

With all the gang members, I wonder how many are murdered every year. He should have asked to see the prison cemetery.

There’s been a recent story on a Nicaraguan prison and some of those people were political prisoners of the Marxist government.

But, I think the story indicates, it’s a vicious cycle, this will continue to happen unless, something changes, a more prosperous economy say. People are trapped it seems and may not have elsewhere to turn but to crime or to try and get out of the country and of course, come here or some other country.

About a week from now, around February 28th, there is a Nicaraguan Nun coming to a Church nearby, I certainly wish to hear what she might say. It’s actually, a healing type of mass. I’m not positive what her role will be.

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