"Strong" Catholic?


Growing up, I’ve always heard my family members say that He or She was a “strong” Catholic? To this day I still don’t really understand that

What do you think makes a person a “strong” Catholic?

Do you consider yourself a “strong” Catholic?

If you’re wondering No, I don’t consider myself a “strong” or “weak” Catholic. I consider myself a (Roman) Catholic.


To me, a “strong” Catholic is one who has a good working knowledge of the truths of the Faith and makes real life decisions based upon it.

A “weak” Catholic lives life without regard to what the Church teaches, either because of poor formation or stubborn refusal to obey.

I consider myself a Roman Catholic, too, as well as a strong Catholic, if I may be so bold.



Perhaps by strong they mean pious or observant. “She would never miss Mass on Sunday, she’s such a strong Catholic.”


I have always taken it to mean ‘a devout Catholic’, meaning faithful to practise of their faith, that is, frequents the Sacraments, and with a firm belief in Catholic teachings.


I agree with Trishie, it’s following and practicing our Faith. Not casting stones, but would say a weak Catholic would most likely show up only for Christmas and Easter, ect…I am a sinner, but I try like heck to at least strive for being a Strong Catholic…


The term strong catholic does not have a specific definition, but I would consider it to mean one who is 100% loyal to the pope ( orthodox ) knows the teachings of the church, has a good knowledge of the faith and makes a big effort to practise the faith as one should.

A weak catholic is a lukewarm catholc who doesn’t take their faith very seriously and who is doing the bear minimum and just hanging onto the faith.

God bless:thumbsup:


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