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Last September I had strong spiritual experience that has changed me from my soul out. I see, think and feel everything differently. It is all good and I am happier than I have ever been. I am at peace and am in love with God more than I can explain.

I had been grieving the loss of my wife, Fran for 7 years. One day the pain became so strong that it overwhelmed me. I could not stand it. I cried to God for help. As soon as I finished my plea for help, I felt the pain being lifted from my heart and I was filled with a love that was so powerful, warm and perfect. I can’t really explain how it felt. It was the most intense feeling of love I had ever felt.

Today, that love is still with me. Some days it is stronger than other days, but it has never left me. This last week the feeling was so strong that I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes. My heart is so full of love for God, I have trouble thinking. It is just wonderful.

I have been praying to God asking Him, “What would You like me to do?” I have given everything that is me to God. I am willing to do anything. I have not received an answer yet. I feel a compellation to do something, but what?

What can I do? Has God got something planed for me or am I having a nervous breakdown? I am 66 years old, but feel like I am 40. I plan to talk to my priest, but I wanted to see what you might suggest.


I had a very similar experience last summer with regards to God pulling me out of a low-point in my life (I'm 24). I also experienced that same, over-powering love that you are describing. I really believe that what you are feeling is a taste of what lies ahead for us all in heaven.

I think, with regards to what God is calling you to do with your new-found peace, I think this is something you may have to pray on for a while (and seek spiritual direction as you appear to be doing). In the meantime, remember that God only wants you to do two things in your life: the first being to love Him with your whole heart and the second is to love your neighbour. As long as you are striving to do these two things, you won't fall far from the path that He is laying out for you!


I had a very similar experience of the love of God through my reconversion experience and was completely overtaken by the Lord. From that day, I was driven only to seek Him out in everything and strive to please Him in everything I did and thought. I began to pray many times daily, attend daily Mass, regularly receive the sacrament of Penance and go to Adoration several times a week. My constant prayer was "Lord, show me what to do. Lord, please tell me what you want of me." One day, while kneeling before Him in Adoration, He spoke to me and said "Well, you're here, arent' you?" I was astonished. I even gasped. But, gradually, I began to smile, and finally I was beginning to giggle (quietly, of course). But still, He made me laugh and my heart leapt for joy. I absolutely WAS doing what He wanted me to do and I WAS pleasing Him! Still today, I have to giggle a little when I think of that day. In all the time since, I have continued to do what I can to please Him. I guess I have learned so much about my faith from reading and studying that I am able to be a witness for Him now, everyday and with everyone I meet or come into contact with. I have no greater calling but it is wonderful. God bless you!


This is a wonderful story, thank you for sharing!!!

God bless.


I had a similar experience.

I won't say what the causative problem was, since this is a public forum, but the circumstances of my prayer where as follows:

I was on a commuter train home, many years ago. Normally the train would have been absolutely packed to the gunnels, with little room to stand, let alone find a seat, and packed indeed the train was, except for some reason the seat next to me had been left vacant and nobody seemed to want to sit on it.

During that journey my troubles began to overwhelm me and I prayed directly to Jesus - which wasn't something I'd done all that often before. Normally I'd have prayed to God the Father, rather than God the Son, so this was a bit different. So I asked for my problem to go away. And, almost immediately, while I was still staring out of the window of the train, it was as if I had perceived that someone had sat down next to me, in that unusually vacant seat, put their arms around my shoulders and said to me, in words that only I could hear, that everything would be alright. And my intense feeling was that those arms around me and those words that I perceived were from Our Lord himself. I experienced such a moment of grace it was practically indescribable. The warmth... the comfort... the love! A direct and anguished plea to Our Lord was answered with a direct experience of his love such that even now, 14 years later, it still has the power to move me.

I wanted to tell you this because I wanted you to know you're not the only one to have received this gift - indeed, it's a gift freely offered to anyone who genuinely asks for it. I'm nothing special - I wasn't holy beforehand, I'm not been especially holy since. Our Lord knows this and offers his love unconditionally despite all our faults.

I can't tell you what might be in your future but by all means tell your priest of your experience. If for no other reason than it will make his day and bolster his faith. Perhaps that's all you need to do? Give witness to the wonderful healing that your faith in God has given you... Just tell your story and let it do God's work?


Thank you all for your responses. It is always helpful to get others prospective to help you keep centered.

I did talk to my priest and he told me when he was young, he knew he wanted to be a priest. He had to wait for years until God called him. He told me to just live my life doing ever thing the right way and offer up everything I do to God. Pray and ask God for guidance, be patient. He will call me when the time is right.

How simple is that, just do what I am doing now and enjoy the happiest time of my life. This, the greatest gift anyone could hope for is given freely. You can’t earn it, buy it, or repay God for it. Just accept it and love Him. How perfect is that. If only I could help others to see and feel what I have.


You already are, my friend.... Just by telling your story.



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