Strong quake hits Taiwan, knocks out power

Haiti. Chile. Taiwan. I can’t help but wonder when a powerful quake is going to hit here in the Midwest or in California.

"Strong quake hits Taiwan, knocks out power
At least 1 injury reported but no major damage; rail service halted

TAIPEI - A powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked southern Taiwan on Thursday morning causing buildings to sway hundreds of miles to the north. Local news reports said at least one person was injured. "…

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:eek: I hope everyone there is ok. Wow, what is up with all the earthquakes that have been happening lately?

don;t forget that there was also a powerful earthquake that struck japan the day before the earthquake in chile. there have been numerous earthquakes since the one that happened in haiti. it makes me feel that there is some major adjustment going on, but i wonder when it will be finished.

Hubby and I practiced an emergency earthquake drill tonight. I’d never actually done one outside of school my entire life.

You are right, 7 Sorrows. I forgot about the quakes in Japan. And, I just read this (below) this morning, not that it is significant. It just wouldn’t surprise me if Japan had a big quake now, considering the rash of quakes the world has seen lately. And, I have to wonder when the U.S. will see one. Makes me wonder what is going on.

"Oarfish omen spells earthquake disaster for Japan

Japan is bracing itself after dozens of rare giant oarfish - traditionally the harbinger of a powerful earthquake - have been washed ashore or caught in fishermen’s nets. "…

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that would definitely make me very nervous and unable to sleep at night.

i definitely believe that creatures in the sea and animals on land can sense events before they happen.

Considering the recent major quakes worldwide AND the appearance of the fish, I would definitely be cautious and prepared. Right now, I’m making sure that I have enough drinking water and rations stocked for my family to get through a week or two in the event that a strong quake hits here in Missouri.

That is a great idea, considering your location. I think we too need to do this with the family this weekend and also generally discuss being prepared. :thumbsup:

good idea!

You are absolutly right, I did the same approach and I’ve get the book “When Technology Fails - A Manual for Self Reliance and Planetary Survival” which teaches how to be prepared if a natural disaster such as a severe earthquake strike your community.

Because this topic is so important, I share this book on my blog with anyone who is interested.

Add Sumatra to the list.

"Strong earthquake strikes off Sumatra coast

(CNN) – A strong earthquake with magnitude 6.5 struck Friday night in the ocean southwest of Sumatra in Indonesia, the U.S. Geological Survey said."…

Entire article here:

What is up with all of these quakes? Oh well, praying for the people affected by them. :signofcross:

** :sad_yes: I, too, live in the Show Me State and feel the same way about stocking up…I think DH thinks I’m nuts (he doesn’t say much about it). :rolleyes: **

Sounds like a sound plan for me. As far as hubby thinking you’re nuts, he might come to appreciate you squirreling supplies away if anything happens. :slight_smile: Being prepared is a good idea in general, quake or no quake.

Now there was one in Turkey.

You know, I’m wondering if this is normal but is just being more reported than normal.

It doesn’t seem normal to me, but I suppose it is possible that quakes are just getting more coverage than usual. But, it seems to me that we ARE having more and stronger quakes and that is WHY they are getting more coverage. It’s scary. Sensationalism could be involved, but so could reality.

Don’t mind me. It is early. I’ll go get some coffee now. Maybe when I come back, I’ll be more awake and stop contradicting myself. :slight_smile: And, maybe by then, a seismologist will have weighed in to let us know whether this is normal or not. :slight_smile: I think something may be up, but that is just my opinion.

Here’s another article on the Turkey quake.

"Dozens killed as quake shakes eastern Turkey
‘Everything has been knocked down, there is not a stone in place’

ANKARA, Turkey - A strong earthquake, with a preliminary magnitude of 6, hit eastern Turkey on Monday, killing at least 57 people and knocking down houses in at least six villages, officials said. "…

Entire article here:

i read this morning that in the last 7 days there were around 250 earthquakes around the world.

i wonder if this is the most number of earthquakes to happen within 7 days.

Interesting…:hmmm: If you go to this site:

You can see what quakes happen each day. You can go back into past months on there I believe. I think having lots of quakes is ‘normal’ BUT the size/strength/intensity of them (now) is not normal. :shrug: Just my :twocents:**

One of the articles I read said that the world averages two 6.0 and over earthquakes every week. It said that this many earthquakes of this size is really not that unusual. Most of them actually haven’t been that big, except for the Chile quake really. They are just happening in very poor areas with buildings that can’t withstand them. The Northridge quake was a 6.7, but I don’t remember it seeming really horrible or anything.

Indonesia hit by 6.4-magnitude earthquake

(CNN) – A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia on Sunday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

There were no immediate reports of injuries, deaths, or damages on the island nation.

The quake struck at 9:57 a.m. local time (7:57 p.m. ET Saturday).

The epicenter was 285 kilometers (180 miles) southeast of Ternate, on Indonesia’s Moluccas island group, and 2,415 kilometers (1,500 miles) east of Jakarta, the nation’s capital.

The quake struck at a depth of 52.4 kilometers (32.6 miles).

No tsunami warning was issued following the quake."


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